Alexa Datt – Biography and Facts About Peter Rosenberg’s Wife

Alexa Datt is an American sports reporter, sports commentator, and TV host who is admired for her charming and good-natured looks. Her reporting skills and ever-present smiles have endeared her to many fans who now follow her every move on social media. Over the years, she has gained a lot of experience on the job, having covered several sports beats including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and CFB.

Apart from being known for her job as a sports reporter, Alexa Datt is also known to be the wife of Peter Rosenberg, a popular American radio disc jockey who is also a TV show host now signed to WWE. Their relationship as man and wife has remained strong over the years to the admiration of their many fans.

Alexa Datt Biography

Alexa Datt was born on the 22nd day of the month of November in the year 1985. Her father’s identity has been revealed to be Douglas Datt however, her mother’s name has not been revealed yet. Even though everyone now calls her Alexa Datt, it is noteworthy that her full birth name is actually Alexandria Brittany Datt.

Alexa has always been a fan of sports, having developed her love for sports from quite an early age. According to sources, she grew up watching baseball games with her father. She also watched other games with the man who usually took her to sporting events. This made her very close to the man. She has even referred to him as her hero.

The sports reporter is not an only child; she has a brother whose name has been revealed to be Conor Datt. Alexa is very fond of her brother. In fact, she is known to be in the habit of regularly posting his photos all over her Instagram page and showering him with praises, telling her followers that he is the best brother anyone could ever hope for. Apparently, Alexa has a great relationship with her family.

Alexa Datt has always wanted to go into journalism and report about sports. This is apparently what informed her decision to study what she did in school. Details about the high school that Alexa Datt attended has not been given. However, we know that she attended the University of Maryland from where she graduated with a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism. Following her graduation, she has since gone on to pursue an impressive career in journalism.

Her journalism career

Alexa Datt’s love for sports reporting is quite infectious. Fans love her enthusiasm for her job and always look forward to seeing her on TV. In fact, her gusto has led to fans coining the pun ‘Datt’s what she said’. Over the years, she has worked in different media outfits, building a solid C.V. as a sports reporter.

In 2009, she joined Sportsnet, a sports specialty service and worked with the New York team of the network. While working for Sportsnet, she became popular for hosting a segment which was called Mets Insider. Alexa worked with Sportsnet till 2016.

In 2015, Alexa started to host the Bleacher Report, a job she continued to do till 2016. During this time, she reported about sporting events directly from inside the stadiums where they were happening. She joined MLB Network in 2018 and now hosts her own show called 12:25 Live With Alexa on the network.

How she met and married Peter Rosenberg

Alexa Datt
Alexa Datt and Peter Rosenberg

Alexa Datt is a married woman. She is married to Peter Rosenberg, an American radio disc jockey and TV host. The couple met while they were both students at the University of Maryland, they fell in love and started dating.

After years of dating, the couple got engaged and finally got married on the 2nd of September 2012. The wedding was held at Derwood, a town located in the east-central Montgomery County, Maryland and was attended by close friends and family.

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Net worth

Alexa Datt has worked as a sports reporter and TV host for quite a while and is expected to have made some money for herself over the years. According to sources, she earns between $53,233 to $104,2540 as salary for her role as a show host for the MLB Network. She has also worked for other networks over the years.

At the moment, her exact net worth is not known. However, it is believed that she is worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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