What Is Alex Zedra Known For, How Old Is She and Who Is Her Boyfriend?

A pretty face and a master of arms, Alex Zedra is undoubtedly one to be reckoned with. Often described as an angel with a gun, modern gun culture enthusiasts may recognize the lady for her high-caliber hotness. Because of how effortlessly she wields her toys, the hardcore shooter makes shooting sports look like child’s play.

The tale of the young woman who can confidently run a gun in real life has left many people curious. At what age did Alex Zedra begin to thrive; does she have a boyfriend and what makes her so special? Find answers to all the questions you have been asking about the gun lover below.

Meet Alex Zedra: The Gun-wielding Angel

A native of South Carolina, she was born Alex Rogers on November 3, 1991. Besides her age, Alex Zedra is not one to disclose intimate details about herself to the public. As a result, information about her parents, family background, and early life are scarce.

Nonetheless, it is no secret that she has a younger brother whose name is Seth. Despite their age difference, Alex shares a rare bond with her brother that can only be found between best friends.

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There is no information readily available about her educational background, but the internet star who grew up in her hometown is believed to have had conventional basic education.

In addition to being naturally endowed with a great body, she is also a fitness aficionado. Alex has always been magical when holding a gun, but only a few people were aware of her amazing skills in shooting. Therefore, she relied on the independence of user-generated platforms to showcase her talents to a broader audience.

Zedra Is Known For Her Gaming Strides

Alex Zedra
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The charming shooter took to Twitch and began streaming herself to fans while playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as the Blizzard’s multiplayer online RPG game, World of Warcraft, and the free-to-play Battle Royale.

Even at an early age, Alex Zedra’s skill could not go unnoticed, and she soon garnered lots of praise as well as followers. The Twitch streamer has dedicated almost a decade on the platform, entertaining fans with her super gaming skills and combat training. It is worthy to note that it is from the World of Warcraft game that Alex adopted the name ‘Zedra.’

Unsurprisingly, the social media sensation’s tentacles stretch to Instagram where she has also attained prominence. Her earliest post on the photo-sharing app dates back to October 2012. Zedra’s entire Instagram page is pretty much dedicated to her love for guns.

The Instagram star does not hesitate to share her combat training in line with the Second Amendment as well as a variety of modeling shoots with fans. Besides Instagram and Twitch, fans can also connect with her on her Facebook (Alex Zedra @alexzedra1), and Twitter (@Alex_zedra) accounts.

The Twitch and Instagram star is also known as a pastry chef and a brand influencer.

Alex Zedra Has Inspired A Lot of Women’s Body Goals

Alex Zedra
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With an athletic physique and a pretty face to match, Alex Zedra is also famous for serving body goals. She may not be your tallest or shortest favorite celebrity, but her 5 feet 3 inches height is rightly complemented by her body weight of about 56 kg.

Despite her average height, her gorgeous physique has had many of her fans gushing all over her social media pages. We may not know all the details of her body measurements, but the effort she has put into her consistent look over the years has set many onto the path of fitness.

As a fitness enthusiast, Alex’s body has caught the attention of some top nutrition brands. Notably, she is a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete and has helped in promoting the brand’s muscle building and enhancement products on their website. Zedra is a 3-Gun competitor with Springfield Armory, as well as a member of their SAINT initiative.

She Is Engaged To A War Veteran

Alex Zedra has never been married. However, the Instagram star might just be a few steps away from walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Zedra is currently engaged to her heartthrob Eli Cuevas. The couple is yet another proof that like minds attract as Cuevas is also a gamer and a shooting sports enthusiast.

The Indiana-born Squad Designated Marksman veteran, Eli Cuevas is well skilled in weapons and arms. He has also served his country in missions to war-torn zones like Afghanistan and Iraq. However, Cuevas is most recognized as the co-host of History Channel’s show, Brothers in Arms. On social media, Zedra’s fiancé is known as a video gamer and an Instagram star. On his Twitch channel, Eli also streams himself playing first-person-shooting games. His Instagram account contains photos of heavy metal and dangerous arms.

Besides their shared love for the Second Amendment, Zedra and Cuevas grew close to each other for other reasons such as a wry sense of humor. It is uncertain when exactly the couple began dating, but in December 2017, Eli decided to step things up a notch by popping the big question. The lovebirds confirmed their engagement with different posts on their Instagram accounts.


The cute couple has found love in each other’s arms as they are all lovey-dovey about their romance on social media. From romantic dates to playing video games together, Alex and Eli are head over heels in love and are presumed to be a perfect match. Although they are yet to let fans in on their wedding plans, it is safe to say the lovebirds are growing stronger together.

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Before Cuevas, there is little or nothing known about Alex Zedra’s love life. While it is believed that she has no kids, the same can’t be said of her fiance. Eli Cuevas has a son named Ryden from a previous relationship. Though he hasn’t shared any information about his baby mama with the public, the Indiana native is a proud father who does not hesitate to flaunt his son on social media.


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