What Is Alex Smith’s Salary And Net Worth Following His Severe Injury

Football is one of America’s most celebrated sports, if not her most celebrated. As a result, players of the game are heftily rewarded financially for putting their bodies on the line in service of the country’s premier entertainment source. As a player in one of the most critical positions in football, Alex Smith has earned a considerable net worth for himself.

His net worth, which is one of the most significant among current players in the NFL, has been accrued over more than a decade of playing in the league, setting records both in his teams and the NFL as a whole.

Here is a look at Alex Smith’s net worth in detail, as well as his salary as a football player.

Alex Smith’s Net Worth

According to several quarters, Alex Smith has amassed a total net worth of $55 million since he decided to pursue a professional career as a football player.

He joined the NFL in 2005, having found success in college with the University of Utah, where he helped his team to the Liberty Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

While the bulk of his net worth has come via his salary as a quarterback in the NFL, Alex Smith has earned his wealth through additional sources of income like endorsement deals and real estate investments.

Check out a more detailed breakdown of his income below.

What Is Alex Smith’s Salary?

Football, being a very physical sport, means a long career in it can be an arduous task. However, to those who can achieve longevity in NFL, like Alex Smith, who has spent more than 13 years and 15 seasons in the league, the financial implications, particularly in terms of salary, can be highly rewarding.

Alex began his NFL career with a six-year $49.5 million contract that fetched him $500,000 in salary in his first year. He also earned $2 million in roster bonus and an additional $1 million in signing bonus.

Over the course of eight seasons spent with the San Francisco 49ers, he averaged over $1.5 million in annual salary.

After getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, he signed a four-year $68 million contract with the team, earning up to $11 million in salary. He spent five seasons with the Chiefs before he was traded to the Washington Redskins in 2018, where he signed a four-year $94 million contract extension with the team.

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Alex Smith’s Net Worth Following His Severe Injury

Alex Smith has maintained his overall net worth of $55 million since he suffered a horrific injury in a game for the Redskins in November 2018.

He has been able to do so with a guaranteed $55 million following the signing of his new contract. He earned $40 million in his first year and a further $15 million in 2019.

Alex Smith net worth
Alex Smith continues to earn millions since he got injured

So far, Alex Smith has built his $55 million net worth from earning more than $89 million in salary and more than $161.4 million in total earnings, including signing, roster, and other bonuses, making him one of the 25-highest earning players in the history of the National Football League.

Other Sources of Income

Endorsements Deals

Alex Smith might not command the same popularity and influence as other notable quarterbacks in the league like Tom Brady, but he has earned a couple of endorsement deals of his own, boosting his overall net worth in the process.

The entire portfolio of his endorsement deals are unknown, but some of the significant deals include Nike and Advocare, both of which reportedly fetch him more than $1 million in income per year.

He also earns through the sale of memorabilia, appearance fees, and sponsorships, all of which help him maintain his status as one of the highest-earning football players in the National Football League.

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Real Estate

Alex Smith is a smart man, having earned a bachelor’s degree in economics within two years of college and began a master’s degree before graduation. There is no doubt that he has a robust investment portfolio, through which he is increasing his wealth. Unfortunately, very little is known about the details.

His real estate investments, however, have a lot more presence in the news. Following his trade to the Washington Redskins, he sold his Kansas City house in Monte Sereno for $4 million, fetching almost $400,000 in profit, having bought it for $3.6 million.

He currently lives in a $4 million mansion with his wife, Elizabeth Barry, and their three children.

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