Alex Rodriguez's Net Worth
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Alex Rodriguez’s net worth has been a highly discussed topic in recent times especially because of his several real estate acquisitions. Highly revered as one of the most successful American sportsmen, Alex Rodriguez is a former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman. During his active career, he played for 22 seasons in the Major League Baseball majorly with New York Yankees where he stunned fans of baseball and cemented his place as one of the most exciting men to play the sport. In fact, he is widely considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Since he retired, he has been active as a media personality, appearing as a broadcaster on television and as a cast member on different TV shows. This has helped to keep him in the spotlight even after his playing days. He has become one of the most talked-about former baseball players and is raking in money from his different endeavors. This is why fans have often been curious to find out how much he has made so far.

Alex Rodriguez’s Background

Widely known by his nickname A-Rod, Alexander spent his childhood in different places. First, he spent some of his earliest days in Manhattan until his family had to make a move for financial reason. Next, they settled in the Dominican Republic where he spent a good bulk of his growing up days until his eventual return to the U.S to settle in the populous city of Miami, Florida.

Rodriguez developed his love for baseball from a young age and was determined to play the sport as a professional. His heroes at the time were great baseball payers like Dale Murphy, Keith Hernandez, and Cal Ripken Jr. While studying at the Westminster Christian School, Rodriguez also played baseball and stunned observers with his immense talent on the field. He was so good that even before he graduated from high school, he had already started attracting so much attention from the Major League Baseball scouts who were impressed by his prospect.

Rodriguez eventually made his debut as a professional baseball player when he was drafted by The Mariners in 1994 and made his starting debut as a shortstop. While playing for The Mariners, Rodriguez rose through the ranks to become the star player in the team and broke several records before leaving in 2000. He then played for other teams including Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. He retired in 2016 after 22 years as a baseball player. During that time, he had cemented his status as one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

What Is Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth After Buying Second Manhattan Apartment?

Alex Rodriguez's Net Worth
Alex Rodriguez on TV with Jimmy Fallon.

Alex Rodriguez’s net worth became a topic of discussion especially after he started to buy properties around the USA. It is no secret that Alex Rodriguez is a wealthy man. The former baseball superstar was able to rake in so much money during his career days. At the peak of his active years as a baseball star, he was raking in a massive $33 million every year in salary. At the end of his career, he had already earned about $441 million in baseball salary alone.

Following his retirement from the sport, he has made money from other ventures as well. He is now a media personality and has served as a broadcaster for Fox Sports 1. The sportsman is also a cast member of Shark Tank, a business reality TV series and he works as a member of the broadcast team of Sunday Night Baseball and also works on the ABC News network.

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Rodriguez has a special love for real estate acquisition. As a real estate investor, he is now interested in buying buildings, renovating them and renting them out. According to reports, the former baseball star has bought two buildings in Manhattan. He bought his first Manhattan building with Barbara Corcoran, a judge on Shark Tank. In 2019, he bought his second Manhattan building with his investment partners, Stonehenge NYC and the Modlin Group and is now set to become a renowned landlord. Apparently, he is a wealthy man, so what exactly is Alex Rodriguez’s net worth?

At the moment, Alex Rodriguez’s net worth has been reported to be about $350 million by different sources. However, this figure is expected to move up soon with the kind of investments he is making.

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