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Hollywood might be a business but it is a non-traditional one whose products are the personnel in it. This is a stark contrast to other business sectors where the product is often the only known entity with the personnel behind it faceless and unknown. However, occasionally, these two worlds collide, often through personal relationships and a face is given to the faceless, like the case of Alex Cowper-Smith, who married the actress, Alice Eve.

As a result of his romantic affiliation with the popular actress, Alex Cowper-Smith has become a public personality whose history and career has become a subject of interest to fans of the actress and of the film industry as a whole. In this article, we answer some of the questions regarding who the man is. Read on.

Alex Cowper-Smith’s Biography

Alex Cowper-Smith was born in the United Kingdom in a year and date that is unknown and to parents that are unknown. Details about his background from the existence of siblings to his place of birth are very much unknown, in a way maintaining the trait of life as a business person.

We do know a bit about his education and it was at Westminster School in England, where he met his future wife, Alice Eve. Considering the standard and exclusivity of the school, one can make the assumption that Alex was born to a more than comfortable family. Following graduation from the prestigious school, Alex Cowper-Smith headed off to another prominent school, the University of Nottingham, which, among many things is known for producing several business leaders and some of the best crop of graduates for the UK workforce.

Alex Cowper-Smith acquired a bachelor’s degree in business and finance in 2003. Ready to take on the corporate United Kingdom, he began his career journey at one of the top available companies, Goldman Sachs.

Career Profile

After completing his education, which required him to complete his basic and higher education with academic excellence, Alex Cowper-Smith began life as a young graduate working for the multinational investment company, Goldman Sachs.

If you are not familiar with the company, it is one of the largest investment banks in the world with almost a trillion dollars in global assets. The company is an international company with headquarters situated in New York, United States.

Therefore, the excellence that was required to become an associate in a prestigious company such as this tells us that Alex Cowper-Smith was no average man. Starting out as an associate, he quickly worked his way up to become a financier in the company, working with several large accounts. He achieved the status in 2015

After some years working in the company, Alex Cowper-Smith resigned for personal reasons which were later revealed to be his relationship with Alice Eve. Since his resignation, he has been known to be working with the British Red Cross Society as a volunteer for their fundraising web page.


Alex Cowper-Smith
Alex with his then-wife, Alice Eve during an event

Alex Cowper-Smith has had a topsy-turvy relationship with Alive Eve and it began at Westminster where the two personalities first met. They developed an interest in one another and eventually, their interest blossomed into a relationship which lasted through their time at Westminster.

After graduation, their relationship came to a natural end, or so they thought as Alice Eve, who intended to follow in the path of her parents, who were actors, set out to pursue a career in acting. With both of them well into their respective careers, their paths crossed again and just like at Westminster, the interest was rekindled and they began to date again.

When 2014 came around, Alice Eve, who had starred in films like Men in Black 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and She’s Out of My League at the time, became a fiancée to Alex Cowper-Smith when the banker proposed to her in July 2014. On the 31st of December of the same year, they became husband and wife at a wedding ceremony held in London.

Unfortunately, their love story wasn’t one that was meant to last. They filed for a divorce in 2017, despite their best efforts to make it work, an effort that involved Alex Cowper-Smith quitting his job at Goldman Sachs to be able to spend more time with his wife. Sadly, it was a little too late as they had different apart. The divorce became official in 2017.

The couple never had any children while they were together and they have remained single since they got divorced, at least Alex Cowper-Smith has.

Other Facts About Alex Cowper-Smith

1. Alex Cowper-Smith has a body height of at least 5 feet 7 inches. There is no official record of his height but he is significantly taller than his ex-wife, Alice Eve who is recorded to have a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

2. He still lives in the United Kingdom although his ex-wife spends time between Los Angeles and the UK.

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