Alex Becker Net Worth and Details of How He Built His Multi Million Dollar Companies

Alex Becker is one fellow who evenly divides opinion wherever he goes. While some have hailed him as a digital marketing guru who gives top-notch advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and has several successful businesses under his belt, others are not so impressed. The naysayers rather view him as some sort of scam artist who creates useless products and manipulates others into buying them through his flashy YouTube clips as well as other means of advertising.

Such diversity of opinion makes it difficult for newbies to make up their minds about the fellow but there is no arguing that Becker’s empire is thriving. Thanks to his software companies, training courses, as well as best-selling books, Alex Becker has been able to build up a net worth of $7 million. His companies generate millions of dollars in revenue each year and his success has been profiled by renowned media organizations such as CNBC.

How Alex Becker Accumulated His $7 Million Net Worth

He Has Founded Several Software Companies

Alex Becker draws the lion’s share of his net worth from the profits generated by the several companies that he has founded over the years. As far back as 2016, his business concerns were totalling an annual revenue of about $4 million. There is no doubt that this sum will have increased in the intervening years thanks to the other companies that he has set up.

A look at Becker’s career timeline will show that he has established several companies which are as follows:

Surge Wolf

Prior to becoming a well-known entrepreneur, Becker was a member of the United States Army. He later got out at the age of 23, in 2010, and decided to make his own way in life. The Dallas native initially worked as a dating coach and even co-authored some books in that regard. He then decided to delve into internet marketing and became an SEO consultant. This entailed him helping local businesses to improve their SEO rankings and he did this under the umbrella of his first company known as Surge Wolf. The business ran from July 2011 to March 2012, a time during which Becker earned about $20k to $30k monthly.

Source Wave

Alex Becker ran Surge Wolf for several months before realizing that he could make much more money from developing and selling software related to the services he offered. He thus set up a company that would provide SEO software, services, and education to desirous participants. This marked the origins of his second company, Source Wave, which grew to be quite successful. It generated millions in revenue and he later sold it off in 2019 under the name Konker.

Market Hero (now Hyros)

Another successful software company that Becker has founded is Market Hero (now known as Hyros). Launched in May 2015, Hyros is a marketing optimization software that makes it possible for digital businesses to earn more profits through accurate sales attribution tracking. The software acts as a one-stop show for an entrepreneur’s marketing funnels, email sequences, lead tracking, and analytics. Hyros comes with a free 14-day trial after which users pay from $19 to $950 monthly depending on how large their customer base is.


Beyond the tech world, the tireless Alex Becker is also the founder of a nutrition and supplement company known as Spekter. This is a line of premium nootropics that promises to help people with their focus, gut health, and memory. Some of the products offered by Spekter include XT-01 neural enhancement formula, GT-07 absorption enhancement formula, cleanse prebiotic repair supplement, chill antioxidant brain booster, and combo core body nutrition. The company’s products received some good reviews online and Becker sold it off to other investors in 2019.

Alex Becker Offers Several Online Courses That Costs Anywhere From $47 to $547

One smart way of making extra income is by teaching people how to do things that you are an expert in and Alex Becker is doing exactly this. The Texas native not only floats lucrative software companies but also offers several online training courses that can help customers achieve their dreams of making legitimate money in online marketing. Some of the courses that Becker has run over the years include H-Com 2020, a ten-week program that teaches customers the A-Z of launching a successful drop-shipping business on Shopify. One can purchase the course for a one-off payment of $1997 or five instalment payments of $597.

Another lucrative course that Becker offers is the Hero Sales Academy. This teaches people how to sell things online and comes with tutorials on sales video copywriting, sales presentation, and webinar conversions. The course starts with a 30-day $1 trial after which users then pay $47 monthly.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth Are One of the Several Books Becker has Penned

Alex Becker’s net worth has also benefitted from his writing skills. The foremost online entrepreneur has authored/co-authored several books over the years. His signature work is the best-selling 2016 book, The Ten Pillars of Wealth. The book offers an insight into the minds of wealthy people and puts forward ten principles for those who want to join their ranks. These principles include reject getting rich slowly; separate your time from your money; being better than everyone else; adopting an abundant mindset; forgetting the what-ifs and focusing on what is; focusing solely on what gets you paid; and surrounding yourself with successful people, etc. The book retails for about $12.98 on Amazon.

He Also Has a Substantial Presence on YouTube with About Half a Million Subscribers to His Channel

While he was starting out in the world of online and software marketing, Becker deployed the power of the internet to advertise his services, products, and courses far and wide. One of the platforms he utilized was his YouTube channel where he posted promotional videos offering to teach people how to make money online. These videos were termed tacky, due to pictures of flashy cars in the background, but they nevertheless achieved their purpose.

To date, Becker has managed to accumulate half a million subscribers to his channel while his viewership numbers top 15 million. It is now estimated that he makes from $122k to $2k on YouTube monthly and $1.5k to $23.4k annually.

Recap of the Sources of Alex Becker’s Net Worth

  • Revenue from his companies – $4 million est.
  • Online training courses – N/A
  • Book Royalties – N/A
  • YouTube earnings – $1.5k to $23.4k per annum

Alex Becker has a Fascinating Car Collection Comprising of Ferraris and Lamborghinis

Given that most of his products and services promise to help users make money and become wealthy, there is no gainsaying the fact that Alex Becker needs to show that he is equally well to do himself and has tasted success. To this end, the online entrepreneur, author, and YouTube personality has no qualms about showing off some of the fancier aspects of his lifestyle. Included in this fancy lifestyle is an impressive mansion. Even though there are not many specific details existing about the house, the sneak peek that Becker has given to fans on his Instagram account shows that it is quite dreamy.

Beyond his digs, Becker also has some impressive cars to his name, including a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. The specific models of these vehicles that he owns are not available but one does not need to be a soothsayer to know that even the cheapest models of these vehicles cost a pretty penny for those who are brave enough to venture into buying it.

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