Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers Eminem’s Adopted Daughter?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) may be a known name in the music industry but no member of his family, especially his three daughters one of which is Alaina Marie Mathers, has come anywhere close to filling his gigantic shoes. The 14-time AMA winning rap king is no doubt among the most influential personalities in the wildly growing industry and it is fascinating how the rap icon’s aura has overshadowed the media attention toward his daughters.

Eminem who often speaks of not having a perfect childhood tried to give his best to ensure that his three daughters do not have a repeat of his sour childhood experience. Even though he does not often speak of them in his musicals, they are definitely not absent from it either. Here in this article, we shall dig deep to reveal the entire story and facts behind one of Eminem’s daughters – Alaina Marie Mathers.

Who is Alaina Marie Mathers?

Alaina Marie Mathers is the adopted daughter of American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor, Eminem. Although she is not directly related to him, Mathers and Eminem have some sort of relationship- she is the daughter of his ex-wife’s sister Dawn Scott. After Eminem adopted her, she became his eldest daughter. Although his daughter Hailie is mentioned in at least twenty-two of his songs, including Hailie’s Song, My Dad’s Gone Crazy, and My Darling, he also makes reference to the rest f his daughters, including Alaina Marie Mathers in some of his tracks.

When Was She Born?

Alaina Marie Mathers was born on May 3, 1993, to Dawn Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife’s twin sister, hence, she was Eminem’s niece before her adoption. Her birth name is Amanda Marie Scott. Before Eminem adopted her, Alaina grew up with her biological mother and two brothers, Adam and Patrick Scott. Her father’s true identity is yet to be revealed. She holds an American nationality and legally had her named changed from Amanda to Alaina after her adoption by the American rap king, Eminem.

Despite being related to a famous musician, Alaina maintains a very private lifestyle which is probably why details about her early life and educational background are yet to be uncovered. However, a recent report has it that she is a student of the University of Oakland where she majors in public relations. As per her career, it is not clear if she will follow the steps of her father in the entertainment industry.

Although Alaina Marie Mathers is yet to pick any regular job, she lives quite well with her family and is well taken care of by her father whose net worth is estimated at $210 million. The rapper had at a time spent $375,000 to make matching necklaces for his three daughters.

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The Family of Eminem’s Daughter

As stated earlier, Alaina Marie Mathers is the daughter of Dawn Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife’s twin sister who passed away on January 19, 2016. Dawn Scott was born on January 9, 1975. While growing up, Dawn and her twin sister had a rough childhood and at the age of 13, they both left home to live with Eminem’s family.

During their stay in Eminem’s house, his mother, Deborah Marshall reportedly took good care of them and while Kim got closer to Eminem and they later fell in love with each other, her sister Dawn had a very troubled private life leading to her drug addiction. Her addiction was said to have been so bad that she was unable to pinpoint her daughter’s father. It was when Dawn’s drug abuse condition got worse and it became unsafe for Alaina to live with her that Eminem adopted her.

Despite Eminem’s effort to help Dawn out of her excessive drug use, she went deeper into it until she was consumed by it. The rapper then focused on protecting young Alaina Marie Mathers from being influenced by her mother, even though the two occasionally spent some mother-daughter time together. One of the reasons why Alaina’s name was changed was so she won’t be affected by the tragedies of her past life.

Alaina Marie Mathers family, sisters,
Alaina Maire Mathers with Whitney Scot Mathers, the youngest of Eminem’s three daughters

Alaina grew up with Hailie, Eminem’s biological daughter from Dawn’s twin sister Kim. She also had another sister named Whitney, Kim’s daughter from another relationship. The three lived together as sisters and were well taken care of by the king of raps himself. When Kim and Eminem eventually separated after the latter was caught cheating in 2001, the three remained together under the rapper’s custody.

Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney are also mentioned in some of Eminem’s songs as he often does with his biological daughter. Alaina was mentioned in songs like ‘Mockingbird’, Going through Changes’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ where the rap King, Eminem talks of how much he loves her and Whitney.

Alaina’s mother, Dawn Scott passed away in January 2016, a few days after her birthday. Her family found her cold body lying in her apartment and an autopsy revealed she died as a result of Heroin overdose.

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