The Scoop On How Ajiona Alexus Became a Known Actress, Her Filmography and Parents

One of the great but perhaps the underappreciated trait of arts is the absence of an age barrier. You are never too young or too old to be a part of the industry. Among other things, this has made Hollywood one of the most attractive industries in the world. It is how Ajiona Alexus, who started her career at the age of 12, become one of the most followed young actresses in Hollywood.

In a short time, Ajiona has made appearances in several successful films and TV Shows like 13 Reasons Why, Acrimony, Empire, and a couple of others; an achievement that can be credited to getting early experience in the profession to master her talents. While Ajiona has a lot to attain if she must become one of the most accomplished actresses in the industry, the few roles she has pulled off has exposed her to a lot of people who apart from keeping up with her career, are interested in knowing details of her background.

Ajiona Alexus’ Parents and Background Details

Most times, being talented or skillful are not enough to make one thrive in a chosen endeavor. At times, getting the perfect opportunity to show what you can offer makes all the difference and if you have a good support system, then you could have the whole world in your pocket. Luckily for Ajiona, she has had all of these essential factors in her pursuit of a career as an actress and has her parents to thank for paving the way for her.

As you will easily find, the actress was born on the 16th of March 1996 in Tuskegee, Alabama. It is said that within a few years of being alive, her passion for performing arts was apparent to her parents who swiftly made a move to equip her with the skills and opportunities to express her talents.

Given the massive influence that Ajiona’s parents facilitated to have their kid launch her career in the entertainment industry, many of her fans have been keen to meet them. Unfortunately, this is yet to happen as the actress seems to have mastered the art of keeping her private life away from the media. This has extended to her parents whose identities are so far unknown but are believed to be African Americans. While we might not know who are parents are, we can certainly appreciate them for recognizing her talents early enough and supporting her.

Chronicling Her Rise to Fame as an Actress

Nothing beats having parents who understand their roles in providing support and access to activities that would help their kids prepare for what they are cut out for in life. Seeing that their child has a thing for the performing arts and would fare well in the entertainment industry, they enrolled her in acting and dancing classes and when she was in 7th grade, she joined the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

Ajiona Alexus began to justify the belief her parents had in her right from the age of eight, this was after she delivered her first monologue on stage. While most child actors often begin in television or film, Ajiona began on stage. After her first stage role, another performance in a play titled A Raisin in The Sun served as a confirmation that she truly was a talented actress.

The fine actress has not limited her expressionist talents to acting alone. She has also done extensive work in music, opening for artists like OMG Girlz, IYAZ, Diggy Simmons, and a couple of others. She released her first mixtape in 2012 and a single was released in 2013 which was titled Dream Big, under the label of Earn B. Management. Not one to give up the music side of her life, she is working on the release of an EP.

Movies and TV Shows that Alexus Is Known For

As mentioned earlier, Ajiona Alexus started her career on stage, an impressive feat for her at just the age of eight. However, seeing that she has made a good name and gained popularity via movies and TV shows, let’s take a look at her career in the medium. Ajiona appeared in her first onscreen project in 2012 when she starred in the TV show titled The Rickey Smiley Show as De’Anna. She starred on the show between 2012 and 2014, appearing in 24 episodes.

In 2013, she made another appearance in another TV show titled Chelsea’s Way, wherein she played the character named Chelsea Mason. Her career gained momentum in 2014 and she appeared in the lead role for the feature-length film, Unspoken Words, she portrayed Tyra in the movie which is her debut feature in a project meant for the big screen. Since then, Ajiona Alexus hasn’t stopped working, she has been a part of a film or TV show at least once every year.

Ajiona Alexus
Ajiona Alexus at the premiere of Acrimony

She has starred in TV shows like Code Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Light as a Feather, and Runaways. You will also find her in 18 episodes of the controversial Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why, between 2017 and 2018. That’s not all, she played the recurring role of Cookie Lyon, the teenage version of Taraji P. Henson’s character in Empire.

Ajiona Alexus played the role of a younger Taraji in another project, she was young Melinda Moore in Acrimony, the 2018 psychological thriller movie that was written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry. Also in 2018, she played Jasmine Russell alongside Gabrielle Union in Breaking In, a thriller film directed by James Mc Teigue and then Meegan in Family Blood, a horror film that Sonny Mallhi co-wrote and directed.

The previous year (2017), she portrayed Alison Cross in a drama musical film titled Something Like Summer. In addition to that, the actress played Ruth Quinn Robinson in 2016’s Bad Girl; Noelle, and Shawna Wilson in 2015’s My First Love and Sons 2: Thee Grave, respectively.

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What We Know About Her Love Life

Ajiona Alexus has spent a few years in the industry, long enough to be recognized on the street by fans and Hollywood followers but so far, she hasn’t been the subject of tabloid gossip in terms of relationships.

She is not married and doesn’t appear to do much dating either. Even though she has shared some pictures online that made many believe she is in a relationship, nothing of that sort has been confirmed.

At the moment, Ajiona seems to be focusing on growing her career.

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