Aimee Preston – Bio, Family & Facts About Steven Tyler’s Partner

Aimee Preston is an American woman who shot to fame after she became Steven Tyler’s romantic partner. Steven Tyler is a very popular American singer, songwriter, and actor, renowned for his incredible contribution to the music scene in the USA. Over the years, he has released hit song after hit song, cementing his place as a rock legend. Apparently a very famous person, his fame has rubbed off on his partner, Aimee Preston.

Today, Aimee is best known for being Steven Tyler’s partner, however, it is noteworthy that before meeting the singer, she had also worked hard to make a living for herself. We have dug out some facts about her for your reading pleasure.

Who is Aimee Preston?

The exact day and month that Aimee Preston was born are not certain but it has been reported that she was born in 1988. She was born in Denver, the capital city of the state of Colorado, USA and grew up there with her family.

Details about Aimee Preston’s early life have remained quite unknown, however, we know that she loved the theatre and music as a child and had a dream of becoming big in the world of entertainment. According to reports, she attended the Denver School of the Arts. She also studied musical theatre at New York’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy from where she graduated in 2007.

Upon her graduation, she did some work around America before eventually meeting the singer, Steven Tyler.

Meet Aimee Preston’s Parents & Family

The identities of Aimee Preston’s parents have remained quite vague over the years. This is mainly because very little is known about her background, considering the fact that she burst into the limelight only after meeting Steven Tyler.

We know that Aimee Preston is not an only child; she has siblings with whom she grew up in Denver. However, their identities are yet to be unveiled. A quick look through her Instagram page shows Aimee posing occasionally with some of her siblings. Apparently, the family shares a close bond.

Her career achievements

Before she met Steven Tyler and became known around the USA, Aimee Preston worked in some places to make a living. After graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2007, Aimee got a job at the Trump Organization in New York where she worked as a personal assistant to Donald Trump for about 4 years.

According to reports, while she was at the Trump Organization, Aimee also worked for Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples. After a while, she left the Trump Organization and became an assistant for Victoria Beckham.

When Aimee Preston stopped working for Victoria Beckham, she joined XIX Entertainment, an entertainment content, and intellectual rights organization. According to reports, XIX Entertainment also had Steven Tyler as one of its clients.

Aimee Preston
Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler

How she met Steven Tyler

Aimee Preston got to know Steven Tyler while at XIX Entertainment and soon began to work for the singer. She started working as a personal assistant for him in 2012 – after leaving XIX Entertainment and they later fell in love with each other.

The public first began to notice the closeness between Aimee and Tyler in 2014 and rumors began to spread that she was more than just a personal assistant to the singer. The couple finally confirmed that they were an item when they appeared together at Elton John’s annual Oscar Viewing Party for the Elton John AIDS Foundation on February 28 that same year. Their love has blossomed since then.

Over the years, both Aimee and Tyler have professed their deep love and affection for each other. Aimee’s Instagram page is plastered all over with photos of her lover and some fans expect that they will eventually tie the knot as husband and wife.

The huge age gap between them

The interesting thing about the relationship between Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler is that Aimee is actually 40 years younger than the rock singer. The age difference is truly very wide but this has not stopped them from falling head over heels in love with each other.

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She has been married before

Before meeting and falling in love with Tyler, Aimee Preston used to be a married woman. According to reports, she was married to a talent manager called Scott Schachter. However, details about this marriage are not in the public domain.

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