Striking Details About Agnes Hailstone, Her Net Worth and Husband Chip Hailstone

Have you ever imagined living your life in an isolated place far away from the civilized city or town where you now live? What if that place is surrounded by wild animals like wolves, bears and foxes who happen to be your only neighbors, will you still live there? What if that abode of yours happens to be a place which gets freaking cold and icy sometimes, will you continue living there or will you run for your life? Well, as terrifying as the idea may sound to you, there is a actually a woman who is not just currently living this kind of life but has been living it for a long time. Her name is Agnes Hailstone!

Agnes Hailstone is an American reality TV star who lives with her family in very harsh conditions on the Kobuk River in Noorvik which is a very remote part of Alaska. At this Noorvik, Agnes’ family do not have access to the modern luxuries provided by civilization. Instead they have to hunt for their own food and fish and also fish while their living condition is broadcast to the rest of Americans via a reality show called Life Below Zero, a series which follows the family’s daily hustle in the raw harshness of Noorvik.

Who is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone was born in the year 1971. The exact day and month in which she was born is not certain. Some sources have asserted that she was born on the 14th day of June however this has not been confirmed at the moment. Also, some other sources have insinuated that Agnes was born in 1972 and that her name was actually inspired by Hurricane Agnes which tore through parts of Florida and Georgia in 1972. All these claims are yet to be verified.

Details about how Agnes spent her early days is not known at the moment. Also, there are no details about the identity of her parents and where she grew up. It is not known if she is an only child or if she has any siblings. All these information has become difficult to get because the woman has remained tight-lipped about them.

Who is Hailstone’s First Husband

Agnes Hailstone is currently married to a man called Chip Hailstone but before meeting Chip, she used to be married to a man whose identity has remained a mystery. While still a youth, Agnes fell in love with the man and eventually got married to him. The union produced two boys who were named Douglas J Carter and John Carter. Apparently, judging by the kids’ names, it is safe to say the last name of Agnes’ first husband was Carter. The couple eventually divorced after the birth of their children.

It is not known where Douglas and John were born or how they were raised but we know that they are now both married men with kids of their own. Also, the whereabouts of their father is not known.

Who Is Her Current Husband Chip Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone is a happily married woman. She is married to a man called Chip Hailstone. They met at Noorvik when she just 19 years old. At the time, Chip had come to visit Alaska, and, even though he had other plans for himself, he ended up in Noorvik and settled there. After a while he met Agnes who was already a hunter, hunting her daily bread. They fell in love and soon got married.

Chip was born in Kalispell, a city in the state of Montana, USA. His real birth name is not Chip; he was born Edward V Hailstone to parents identified as Mary Lois and Daniel Franklin Hailstone and grew up in Montana. It was after he had grown up that he moved to Alaska and met with his wife, Agnes.

The marriage between Agnes and Chip has produced five children; all girls. They have been identified as Qutan, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Caroline, and Mary. All the kids including Agnes’ two sons from her previous marriage, were raised in Noorvik and taught to survive, just like parents, through the unfavorable and dangerous weather conditions over the years.

Agnes and her husband are very much in love with each other and are most times seen just holding hands and interacting lovingly with each other.

Agnes Hailstone
Agnes Hailstone and her family

Life Below Zero TV Career

After living in Noorvik for many years and raising their kids there, Agnes and her husband, Chip were approached by officials from BBC Worldwide who asked them if they could allow their daily lives to filmed for a new documentary TV series called Life Below Zero which would then be broadcast to other Americans. The family agreed and they became reality TV stars. The Life Below Zero series is aired on the National Geographic Channel.

Over the years, the lives of Agnes and her husband with their children have been filmed for the TV series and Americans are stunned at how they can live in such weather conditions without feeling too much discomfort. The TV series shows the family hunting for food together, fishing and depending solely on themselves in Noorvik as they use the resources they have to get the things they need to keep surviving.

Agnes and Chip have special knives and guns which they use to hunt their food. Their kids also have their knives and other weapons they use to hunt and protect themselves.

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Agnes Hailstone’s Net Worth

Agnes Hailstone is a hard-working woman and followers of the Life Below Zero series will testify to this. She goes about hunting with the family and is actively involved in the gathering of stuff they need for survival in Noorvik. At the moment, Agnes’ net worth has been pegged at $100,000 by celebrity wealth calculators.

Considering the kind of life she lives in Noorvik, it is apparent that Agnes has not made this amount money from any trade or business she is into, but from the Life Below Zero series which she features in. It is reported that she earns about $45,000 annually from the TV series.

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