How Did Adrienne Bolling Become Famous and How Did She Meet Eric Bolling?

Adrienne Bolling would perhaps, not be so popular if not for her husband; she is best known as the wife of Eric Bolling, a conservative political commentator and former television anchor with Fox News Channel. Her husband Eric Bolling is a multi-talented journalist, who has appeared in several shows on the Fox Business Network, and he was a co-host of The Five. He appeared on other shows such as Hannity, Fox & Friends, and The O’Reilly Factor, among others. For years, Adrienne Bolling remained in the shadows, that is, until a public scandal at her husband’s workplace thrust her into the limelight.

Adrienne Bolling Found Fame Through Marriage

Adrienne Bolling was born as Adrienne J. Leventhal in the United States. While there is undoubtedly a lot of history in Adrienne’s past, a lot of it has not been made public knowledge. So far, the only known fact related to her background is that she is of American nationality.

However, despite a mysterious past and an even more reclusive present, Adrienne Bolling remains a notable personality. This is due to her marriage to former Fox News host, Eric Bolling. Eric is an American TV personality and conservative political commentator who began his career as a commodities trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Adrienne Bolling
Adrienne’s husband, Eric (middle) on The Five: image source

He worked with CNBC before he joined Fox Business Network as a financial analyst. Eric Bolling’s media career took a further leap, and he went on to host shows like Happy Hour, The Five, Fox & Friends, and Fox News Specialists.

Adrienne Met Eric Bolling through a Mutual Friend

Adrienne Bolling knew and met Eric Bolling through a mutual friend named Gretchen Carlson. The set up proved successful, and they began dating shortly after. How exactly long they dated is unknown, but they were reportedly together for a short while before they became husband and wife.

The couple decided to tie the knot at a small wedding held on October 4, 1997. Their close friends and family attended the wedding.

In 1998, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Eric Chase Bolling. Just like his father, Chase became a talented baseball player. In 2012, Eric announced that his son had suffered a lacerated spleen while he was snowboarding in Albany. He later survived the incident with the help of doctors at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Albany Medical Centre. Bolling, overwhelmed by the news of his son’s recovery, took to the social media to say that doctors are the best people on earth, and they deserve every penny given to them.

For all the secrecy and reclusiveness that defines Adrienne Bolling’s life, we do know that she and her husband are devout Catholics. The couple goes to church every day to light candles and also attend mass every Sunday.

Despite the occasional comments on their family due to her husband’s profession, Adrienne Bolling mostly stayed outside of news media attention until 2017, when her husband’s sexual misconduct scandal unwittingly threw Adrienne and the rest of the family into the limelight.

Details of Her Husband’s of Sexual Harassment Scandal

The relative serenity that defined the life of Adrienne Bolling and her husband got upended in August 2017. The Huffington Post reported that the former Fox News host, had, on separate occasions, sent unsolicited lewd texts and photos to female colleagues at Fox News and Fox Business Network. The report also accused him of making wildly inappropriate comments to female employees on several occasions.

Although Eric Bolling denied the allegations, the severity of it sparked an investigation by the management of Fox News. The investigation eventually led to the ousting of Adrienne’s husband from the media outlet, and the cancellation of his show, Fox News Specialists.

Despite the accusation leveled against her husband, Adrienne Bolling stood steadfastly by her husband and defended him. A fact that drew ire from observers. Regardless, she stood her ground and has remained the media personality’s wife, even through a bigger tragedy…

The Couple Lost Their Son to Drugs

The worse happened when an unfortunate incident occurred on September 9, 2017. It was alleged that following his father’s scandal, Eric Chase had taken an overdose of a drug that led to his death.

Their son, who at the time was a student of the University of Colorado Boulder, reportedly had an accidental overdose after taking a street version of Xanax.

Initial investigation suggested that he committed suicide after the ousting of his father from Fox News, but further investigation revealed that the drug was laced with fentanyl.

One fact that might explain Adrienne Bolling’s decision to stand by her husband is that he once lost a $2 million contract because of their son. According to public information, because he was reading a storybook, The Spider and Fly to his son’s class, he missed out on the lucrative deal. Obviously, he really did love his boy.

The loss of Adrienne and Eric Bolling’s child drew tribute and sympathy from different corners of the media, including former colleagues at Fox News like Sean Hannity and the management of Fox News. Yashar Ali, the journalist who broke her husband’s sexual harassment scandal, also extended his sympathies.

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Adrienne Bolling and her Husband are Worth at least $25 million

Adrienne Bolling

image sourceSince there is no information about Adrienne Bolling’s career, it would be hard to determine her net worth. Being the wife of the renowned television personality Eric Bolling, her husband’s net worth is around $25 million. That puts the couple’s joint net worth at $25 million+.

Thanks to their millionaire status, the couple is able to afford the fine things of life, particularly Adrienne Bolling who enjoys traveling but not to places you would expect. While most people, especially with her resources and means would travel to exotic locations all over the world, Adrienne prefers traveling to Florida to spend time at popular attraction spots like Disney World in Orlando.

They are currently living decent lives despite the sudden demise of their son. They currently reside in New York City.

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