Adele Was Married To Simon Konecki For 3 Years – The Untold Story Of Their Divorce

The news of Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce sent shockwaves through the music industry and among fans. The British hitmaker is undeniably one of the most successful musicians of this era who doesn’t fail in delivering songs that are guaranteed to make you sob. She has reeled out chart-topping hits across the globe, amassing a huge fortune on the ride. Given her talents and status, Adele’s marriage also predictably became a matter of interest to the public. The multi-Grammy winner and her ex-husband had an unconventional relationship that seemingly worked for a long time until their ultimate split in 2019. Here’s the real reason the estranged couple decided to call it quits.

Adele And Simon Konecki’s Divorce: When and How Did They Split?

The Someone Like You singer has always been incredibly secretive about her private life. While her relationship with Simon Konecki lasted, there was barely enough information for fans to feed on. The estranged couple was so private about their romance which began in 2011 that people were not even really sure they were actually married until nearly six years later.

Adele and Konecki first went public with their relationship in January 2012 and tied the knot in December 2016. But the British songstress managed to keep the news of their marriage private for a few months. It was during her acceptance speech at the 2017 Grammys that the singer confirmed she had married Konecki when she referred to him as her husband. She further confirmed their union in March 2017 at an Australian concert. The pair’s child, Angelo was born in October 2012 but Adele didn’t confirm his name until two years later and fans are yet to see a picture of him to date.

Adele and Simon Konecki’s relationship clearly worked for them for a very long time and it was a happy marriage throughout their years together. But after eight years together and almost three years of marriage, news broke in mid-April 2019 about Adele And Simon Konecki’s divorce. Fans of the superstar were shocked when her reps confirmed that her marriage was over.

The award-winning chart-topper and her charity entrepreneur ex-husband are currently in a $180 million divorce. Adele’s multi-million dollar fortune could take a hit as Konecki may possibly get half of the singer’s fortune since they reportedly didn’t have a prenup. In addition to her liquid assets, Adele has an array of homes in her vast property portfolio. On the other hand, the assets of Konecki who is an investment banker turned philanthropist are unknown. He is the CEO of Drop4Drop, a clean water charity and the co-founder of Life Water, an eco-friendly bottled water brand reportedly, he has a net worth that is pegged around $1 million.

Regardless, it is highly unlikely that Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce will get contentious like most other celebrity breakups. There are no fingers being pointed and no hard feelings as the estranged couple have asked for privacy as usual while stressing their commitment to co-parenting their son lovingly together.

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What Led To Their Divorce

Since there aren’t too many details about Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce, it’s been a private heartbreak for the erstwhile couple. Both parties are yet to break the silence on their recent divorce and people can’t help but wonder what exactly went wrong in the British hitmaker’s marriage.

While there have been several twists and theories, we have common facts. The queen of heartbreak ballads and her ex-husband had a lot in common from the onset and were pretty much into the marriage but ultimately just drifted apart. They looked really happy together and in love until they decided their union wasn’t working anymore.

Adele and Simon Konecki
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The pair who have a 14-year age difference was simply at different life stages. While Simon had already become who he is today at the beginning of their romance, Adele continuously grew into a bigger star by the day which was initially fine by her husband. But being in the background for so long while the 15-time Grammy winner embarked on massive tours, Adele’s work schedule reportedly put a strain on their relationship.

Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce may have also been a resultant effect of seemingly spending a lot of time apart in the years they were married. While she was often spotted having fun with celebrity pals in various cities like New York and Los Angeles, Konecki enjoyed life better in the UK. However, on rare occasions when the ex-couple were publicly seen together, Adele always appeared very happy.

Despite how sudden their separation announcement appears, there are reports that friends of the couple clearly saw the handwriting on the wall before the public got wind of the sad situation. It is reported that when the couple began leading separate lives and before their official split, Adele’s husband had reached out to his first wife, stylist Clary Collicutt via secret texts at Christmas. Konecki and Collicutt were a couple for more than four years (from 2004 to 2008) and they share a daughter.

Following Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce, the British singer has chosen not to publicly spill much, but she’s reportedly been vocal about the split within her private circle. Now that the marriage is done and dusted, Adele seems to have moved on from the heartbreak with a mystery man who’s said to be an American dead ringer for her furry-faced ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

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