Understanding Adam LZ’s Claim To Fame, Marital Status and All The Facts About Him

Adam LZ is deeply rooted in the BMX world; the autodidact BMX rider was catapulted to fame following his creative and complementary entrepreneurial spirit. Considered one of the best, the extremely talented and adventurous rider is never afraid to try out new things and always goes after his heart desires.

More so, Adam excels in almost anything he puts his hands into and has successfully built a brand both off and online at a very young age. Learn more about him below…

Early Life and Career Profile of Adam LZ

A native of Connecticut, Adam Lizotte-Zeisler was welcomed into the world on May 5, 1995, and was raised in the farming town of Woodbury.

Details regarding his parents, family background, and basic education have not been disclosed but it is known that Adam’s parents are divorced and both now live in different cities. Growing up in his hometown, Lizotte-Zeisler was a typical kid who loved BMX bikes and video games. He also enjoyed wakeboarding but soon got bored with the water sport and focused more on cycling with his friends.

A talented dude who also had interests in the guitar, Adam LZ sought a bigger platform to showcase his talents and thus took advantage of this digital era. In 2010, LZ launched his first YouTube channel where he posted guitar and BMX related content. Perhaps the channel did not meet Adam’s expectations so after a while, he decided to end it, restrategize and making a fresh start.

While studying for a degree in business management with a focus on entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida, Adam LZ made a great comeback in 2013 with his new YouTube channel LZBMX. The new channel featured varied content ranging from BMX tutorials to auto-related stuff and travel vlogs. The extremely talented BMX rider and YouTuber’s friendly and charming personality soon earned him a massive fan base both off and online.

Having taught kids across the globe various biking tricks and stunts, Adam LZ was once considered one of the best pro riders ever. He has also partnered with some top sports brands and other YouTube stars in his videos. Today, the internet star can boast of over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Despite his gradual switch from BMX to cars and drifting-related content, Adam LZ’s fanbase continues to grow at a prolific rate. In addition to his YouTube channel, LZ has also amassed a strong fanbase on other popular social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Adam LZ also wears the cap of an entrepreneur. The young businessman is involved in the fashion industry as an online seller with the LZMFG clothing brand which offers various apparels ranging from stickers to hoodies, shirts and lots more. In collaboration with his friend James Harvey, Adam also has a Floridian store that is dedicated to the sale of BMX spare parts.

What We Know About His Relationships and Marriage

Adam LZ and Nicole Frye
Adam LZ and Nicole Frye: image source

Adam LZ has been romantically linked to only one woman since he came into the limelight. He got married to his college sweetheart Nicole Frye. The couple’s love journey dates back to the year 2013 when they were just freshers at the University of Central Florida.

Adam and Nicole first began as friends and soon bonded over their common interests. The pair dated for a while and eventually stepped things up a notch shortly after college. In mid-2016, the two exchanged marital vows and began living together in Orlando, Florida. They were both 21 at the time.

More than their romantic bond, Adam and Nicole were collaborators career-wise. Nicole is an avid skateboarder and bike rider who eventually became an integral part of her ex-husband’s YouTube videos and his brand. In addition to creating content together, Nicole showcased her BMX skills and featured in some of Adam’s videos.

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How Their Divorce Unfolded

Things were speculated to have gone awry in the couple’s marriage towards the end of 2018 following Nicole Frye’s conspicuous absence in Adam LZ’s videos. The couple later confirmed that they were having marital issues in a December 2018 video. Although they did not mention if they were getting divorced in the video, one of Adam’s January 2019 videos was a pointer to the obvious.

Both parties have kept details of their split under wraps and it is uncertain what their settlement plans are. But considering the fact that Adam’s wife was an integral part of his success and brand while their marriage lasted, it is safe to say Nicole may get a fair settlement. The pair did not have any child when the marriage came to an end.

The split apparently took an emotional toll on Adam and it is uncertain if the YouTuber is willing to give love another chance anytime soon. For now, the 5 feet 10-inch tall YouTuber is presumed to be solely focused on growing his business.

On the other hand, Nicole Frye has already moved on from her failed marriage and is already in the dating market. Her picture with the new man she is dating has become a subject of discussion many times on social media. Adam was continuously dragged and tagged to the picture so much that he was forced to also share the picture in order to get people to stop sending the picture to him.

Other Interesting Facts About Adam LZ

1. He started making videos with his friend, Cody Krueger. It gradually evolved with time into becoming a YouTube channel which would become the first source of fame for Adam. While Adam was the face always seen, Cody always stuck with the camera.

2. The actual net worth of the YouTuber is not known, although there are sources that speculate he could be worth around $2.5 million. He made his fortune from his career as a social media star and businessman.

3. When he was married, he revealed that he shared different things about their private life without censoring because he believed many would relate to some of the things he shared.

4. Adam and Nicole had wanted to start having kids together when they get to over 30 since they were too busy and hardly had time for each other. Unfortunately, their union did not sustain.

5. He is not very religious because both his parents were of different religions. Because of this, he has not come to identify with any religion. Nonetheless, he does not have a  problem with people who are religious.

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