Adam Burks – Biography, Family, Net Worth, Other Facts
Adam Burks with one of his sons: Image Source

A former softball player who went as far as representing the United States women’s national softball team in various competitions, Jessica Mendoza has remained relevant and popular even after she stopped playing the game for a reason that is not far fetched – she became a sports broadcaster. Considering the things she accomplished as a softballer and the exploits she has made since she kicked off her broadcasting career, it is not a surprise that a lot of attention has been directed at Adam Burks, the man who has supported her all along.

For most people, Adam Burks is only popular because of his marriage to the Olympic Gold Medallist. While it would be ridiculous to deny this fact, it is imperative to note that the man isn’t a freeloader. He is an engineer and has been involved with various endeavors in the past. Although he is now a stay-at-home dad, it was a decision meant to afford his wife all the time she needs to accomplish her dreams career-wise.

Adam Burks Biography

Many questions have been asked about this Adam since Jessica Mendoza’s fame rubbed off on him. Among other things, you will find people wondering how old he is, where he was brought up, and what have you. Sadly, a lot of these questions has been left unanswered as Adam Burks is bent on keeping his private life private. Even as we can tell he was born in the United State of America, his date and place of birth are not known just as it is difficult to tell anything about his parents, siblings, the kind of upbringing he had, and other personal details.

In the same vein, details about his earliest education are hard to come by. Nonetheless, we have been able to establish that he was a student of a certain University High School in Spokane, Washington. According to various reports, he graduated from the high school way back in 1987 and decided to further his studies at the public university located in Cheney, Washington – Eastern Washington University. In addition to that, he attended Ashford University, an online institution that has its headquarter in San Diego, California.

Before he decided to become a stay-at-home dad so as to afford his wife all the time her career as a softball player required, Adam Burks reportedly worked as a civil engineer. It is also said that he served the City of Moorpark in California. Apart from that, we know that the man was once a U.S. Marine. From what we gathered, he served in Iraq in an operation tagged Desert Storm.

His Net Worth

Based on what we have discussed so far, one can easily deduce that Adam Burks has no source of income at the moment. He has been a sit-at-home dad for a good number of years, taking care of the kids while his wife makes the money. In view of that, it would be misleading to quote any figure as his net worth. But then, it wouldn’t be wrong for one to assert that his wife’s wealth is equally his’. It is believed that the total value of the woman’s wealth is around $2 million.

Adam Burks’ Family

Adam Burks with his family
Adam Burks with his family: Image Source

To the best of our knowledge, Adam Burks’ family life revolves around his wife Jessica and their two sons – Caleb Ashton Burks born in 2009 and his younger brother Caden Adam Burks born in 2013. As Jessica was still an active softballer when she got pregnant with Caleb, Adam offered to let go of his professional life to take care of their son so that his wife can keep up with her career. Even when Jessica retired and they had their second child, Adam encouraged her to take the offer of becoming a sportscaster while he remains a stay-at-home dad.

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Other Facts About Adam Burks

1. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, his wife won a gold medal, she also picked up a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

2. Adam Burks met his wife in 2004 at a wedding, they started dating shortly afterward and became life partners in 2006.

3. His wife was born in 1980 on the 11th of November; she is of Mexican descent.

4. Like his wife, he’s a big fan of sporting activities; even, he played various sports while he was schooling.

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