Aaren Simpson – Bio, Life and Death of O. J. Simpson’s Daughter

If you are a son or daughter of a very popular public personality, you undoubtedly become popular as well because the more your parent gets talked about, the more the world wants to know about you, their child. No matter how small or young you are, inquisitive eyes from the public will begin to dig into your privacy to find out some more information about you. This is the case of Aaren Simpson, a young girl who became popular for being the daughter of O. J. Simpson.

Aaren Simpson was the daughter of O.J. Simpson, a very popular ex-American football player who played as a running back and was adored by many Americans for the records he set during his playing days. He was also an actor and broadcaster. The man is notorious for causing ripples in the media after he was accused of kidnapping and was consequently convicted of the crime.

Aaren died very early in life, a development which caused an outpouring of grief in the Simpson household at the time of her passing. Her very untimely death sparked some curiosity into her life as fans of O.J. Simpson wondered what may have happened to her to cause her to die so early in life. We bring you all you need to know.

Who is Aaren Simpson?

Aaren Simpson was born on the 24th day of September in 1977. She was born in the city of California to O.J. Simpson, her father and a mother identified as Marguerite Whitley. She was born as the youngest daughter of her parents. She had two older siblings who have been identified as Arnelle L. Simpson, a girl who was born on the 4th of December 1968 and Jason L. Simpson, a boy who was born on the 21st of April, 1970.

Not much is known about what transpired in the life of Aaren during the short time she lived on earth. It is, however, known that she grew up in luxury considering the fact that her father, O.J. Simpson was already a famous American football player who was making a lot of waves at the time and apparently also making a lot of money.

Aaren died before she was 2 years old. Apparently, she was too young to have gone to school at this age. Without a doubt, however, she was bound to have made it to some of the best schools in the US considering the home she was born into.

How Aaren Simpson, O. J. Simpson’s Daughter Lived

Although she was too young to even notice what was happening, Aaren was surrounded by people as a child. Her father was the ‘happening’ personality in American football who was breaking records and setting his own. The house in which she lived with her parents, was often packed in front by fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of O.J. Simpson.

Being the youngest child in the family, the young Aaren was shown a lot of love by her parents and was often doted on by her older siblings who were excited by her arrival. Today, they are all grown-ups and they speak of Aaren sometimes with deep affection, revealing just how connected they were to her and how her early passing impacted them at the time.

Aaren Simpson
How O.J. Simpson and Aaren’s older sister, Arnelle look today.

How Did She Die?

Aaren Simpson died on the 26th of August in 1979. It was indeed a very dark day in the Simpson household. This happened just a few weeks to her second birthday which was supposed to have been on 24th September 1979.

According to reports, the young Aaren was alone when she suddenly fell inside the family pool. When she was found unconscious inside the pool, paramedics were called in immediately to the scene of the incident. The paramedics were able to revive the young girl after moments of performing CPR. She was then rushed to the University of California (UCLA) Medical Center in Los Angeles where she was put on life support.

Despite all the emergency medical attention given to Aaren, the young girl remained in a coma for a few days before she finally died of respiratory failure at the UCLA Medical Center. Her death came as a very devastating blow to O.J. Simpson, his wife, and kids.

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Her Funeral

After her tragic death, Aaren was buried during a pirate funeral which was attended by heartbroken close friends and family members who came to pay their respects. O.J. Simpson and his wife asked people who wanted to donate to the family to just give out their donations to the UCLA Cancer Research Center in Aaren’s name.

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