A Reveal of Chris Cuomo’s Salary and Net Worth in 2020

Well-known in the field of broadcast journalism, Chris Cuomo is a licensed attorney who has built a thriving and highly decorated journalism career that has spanned more than two decades. Chris has not only racked up prestigious awards down the years but also emerged as one of the highest-earning news anchors in the United States.

It has been estimated that he earns $6 million per annum, which has helped him grow his net worth to $12 million. The Emmy award-winning journalist signed a multi-year contract extension with CNN in early 2020. It is expected that the pact would see his net worth increase in the coming years.

Most of His $12 Million Net Worth Came from Journalism

Chris Cuomo began his career in the media in the year 1997, two years after acquiring a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University. He had a brief stint at CNBC, during which he worked as the co-host of the network’s program, Equal Time. Afterward, he secured a reporting job at Fox News and provided reportage on Fox Files, while covering stories on controversial social issues.

He additionally built his financial value with his earliest career roles at Fox where he also served as a political analyst. Making a leap to ABC News in the early 2000s, Cuomo first worked as the co-host of ABC’s newsmagazine, 20/20, before climbing the ladder to serve as the Chief Law and Justice Correspondent for the media outlet. Although it’s not known how much the broadcast journalist earned annually at this point in his career, the role ought to have been accompanied by a salary raise.

Chris Cuomo's net worth
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While at ABC, Cuomo reported multiple breaking news on the local and international level and was equally assigned to Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan as an embedded reporter. He gained wider recognition in the broadcast journalism arena following his outstanding coverage of Hurricanes Sandy, Rita, and Katrina, as well as the aftermaths of the shootings at Virginia Tech and CO movie theater.

Beyond working as a reporter, the New York-born journalist carried out other roles through which he increased his financial standing. He served as the co-host of the popular ABC show, Good Morning America, from September 2006 to December 2009. His investigative efforts while there, saw him tackle cases that revealed the plight of homeless teens in America while providing an in-depth look at heroin addiction.

Joining one of the giant news networks, CNN, in 2013, the reporter began to command 7 figure salary.

What Is Chris Cuomo’s Annual Salary?

Since he became a staff of CNN in February 2013, Chris Cuomo’s net worth has made a significant increase as he has pocketed hefty paychecks. He first served as the co-host of a weekday morning show titled New Day alongside Alisyn Camerota; he worked in that capacity from 2013 to 2019. Also in 2013, he took up the role of a field anchor, reporting on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Since 2018, the journalist has been earning massively as the host of his own news analysis show, Cuomo Prime Time, which has garnered high ratings. The nightly program features high profile interview sessions with politicians and newsmakers. Cuomo often engages his guest in political and legal debates while providing reports on the latest happenings in Washington DC and across the globe.

Thanks to the show, Chris Cuomo’s annual salary which was reported to be around $2.5 million a few years ago, is currently pegged as $6 million. This places him in the league of highest-earning anchors at CNN.

Is He the Highest-Paid CNN News Anchor?

With a whopping annual salary of $6 million, some people might assume that Chris Cuomo is sitting atop the list of the highest-paid anchors at CNN. Well, he certainly made the list but is not occupying the top spot as the TV host and political commentator, Megyn Kelly, is reportedly the highest-paid CNN news anchor. She works for the news networks as a senior talk show host after leaving NBC in January 2019.

She earns an annual salary of $23 million and her net worth is estimated at $45 million. This, she accrued from her roles at Fox News where she worked for thirteen years and pocketed between $18 and $33 million as her salary per annum. Megyn’s recent contract with CNN would earn her about $70 million. Second on the list is the popular CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper. He became a household name following his work as the host of the famous news show, Anderson 360°. Cooper’s net worth is estimated at $200 million despite earning an annual salary of $12 million.

This is so because he is also a TV producer, model, author, presenter, and film producer. The New York City native started his career at ABC News before moving to CNN in 2001. He subsequently signed a multi-year contract that got him entitled to a 7-figure annual salary. After Cooper comes Chris Cuomo whose career has grown like wildfire in recent years.

Not only does he work as a news anchor at CNN; he also hosts two hours weekday program titled Let’s Get After It With Chris Cuomo on SiriusXM P. O. T. U. S. channel 124. He launched the show in September 2018 and still serves as the host.

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Chris Cuomo Started Building His Net Worth as an Attorney

Even though Chris Cuomo is a licensed lawyer, he only practiced law for two years before discovering that he could only maximize his potentials in journalism.

After bagging a law degree from Fordham in the year 1995, he got recruited by Fried and Frank where he worked as an attorney for over a year.

Switching to journalism in 1997, Chris Cuomo stopped practicing law.

He Has also Earned from Writing and Producing Shows

Starting from 2019, he has worked as the producer of six episodes of his show, Cuomo Prime Time.

He also has a few writing credits to his name. The journalist penned the script for one episode of ABC’s newsmagazine 20/20 in 2010 and six episodes of Cuomo Prime Time.

Although he might have invested his massive fortune in some business ventures, details are hard to come by.

An Overview of His Sources of Income

  • Salaries from Journalism Career
  • Salaries from Law Career
  • Paychecks from Screenwriting
  • Income from TV Production
  • Earnings from Radio gigs

Where Does Chris Cuomo Live? 

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In 2005, the Cuomo Prime Time host bought a sophisticated home with his wife Cristina in Southampton, New York, for $1.3 million. The 3,000 square feet house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Chris and Cristina furnished the sunroom with a vintage Chinese Chippendale-style chair, an Oly sofa with a cushion overlaid with a Muriel Brandolini block-print, as well as an antique Italian cocktail table.

The eat-in kitchen featured a mirrored table from Mecox and an Oly shell chandelier. Despite the finely tailored furnishing, Cuomo sold the home for $2.9 million in May 2019 and made a profit of $1.6 million.

He now resides with his wife and three kids in a Park Avenue apartment which he purchased with Cristina for $2.995 million in June 2011. Although it’s still uncertain whether Chris Cuomo has many expensive cars, he owns a highly-cherished 1969 Pontiac Firebird valued at over $40,000.

Is the Journalist Richer than His Brother Andrew Cuomo?

His father Mario Cuomo was the 52nd Governor of New York while his older brother Andrew Cuomo is currently serving as the 56th Governor of New York. Andrew was elected to the position in 2011. Prior to winning the New York gubernatorial election, Chris Cuomo’s brother earned $1 million per year working as their dad’s policy advisor.

Having earned a Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School of Union University, New York, he subsequently commanded a higher salary working for a year as an Assistant District Attorney for New York before establishing Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged (HELP) in the year 1986. From 1997 to 2001, the famed author worked for the Housing and Urban Development for Community Planning and Development under Bill Clinton’s administration.

Making his financial details public in 2013, Andrew was said to be worth between $1.75 to $3 million. He made an incredible fortune through book royalties, having authored two books. His 2014 publication entitled “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life” earned more than $600,000. He currently earns an annual salary of $200,000 as the Governor of New York and has been estimated to be worth $5 million.

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Is He The Richest Member of the Cuomo Family?

Chris Cuomo is the youngest of five children born to Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. His father served as Governor of New York for three terms before passing on in January 2015. At the time of his demise, his net worth was estimated at $10 million as he held diverse political positions including Secretary of State of New York from 1975 to 1978 and Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1979 to 1982.

On the other hand, Chris’ mother reportedly has a net worth of about $5 million. She is the founder of Mentoring USA, a child advocacy group. The former First Lady of New York was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

Chris Cuomo's net worth
The Cuomo family (Image Source)

Chris Cuomo’s oldest sister Margaret Cuomo is a radiologist who serves as the co-founder of the Italian Language Foundation. She obtained an M. D. degree from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in 1981 and has made notable contributions to the health sector, having worked for years at North Shore University Hospital situated in Manhasset, New York. More so, she is the author of “A World Without Without Cancer: The Making of a New World and the Real Promise of Prevention” and equally blogs on health issues related to cancer prevention.

At the moment, Margaret’s financial value is unknown and the same applies to her sisters; Maria and Madeline Cuomo. Maria Cuomo Cole is a film producer who has won the News and Documentary Emmy Award twice. Her production credits include The Hunting Ground, The Invisible War, Newtown, and US Kids. She is the wife of accomplished fashion designer, Kenneth Cole, whose eponymous company was reported to be worth $280 million in 2012.

Madeline, on the other hand, is a licensed attorney. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School and worked as an associate at Shea & Gould before the law firm folded up in 1994. Comparing Chris Cuomo’s net worth to those of his family members, he seems to have made more fortune than the rest of the family.

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