7 Bra Mistakes Most Women Make And Ways To Fix Them

Ladies let’s talk about covering the boobs right! It is shocking to know that most women are guilty of  making too many bra mistakes. From buying the wrong bra to wearing the bra wrongly. Many are already aggravated and tired of trying to shop for the right bras. Accept it, buying and wearing the right bra is a trouble most women go through everyday. And I know how terribly uncomfortable one can feel in a bra that does not fit properly. Yet, of all serious style violations like donning undersized jeans, skin-tight tops that outlines everything and anything, muffin top, visible panty line, not dressing for their body types, bra mistakes seem to be the worse of them all.  Why? It is undeniably true that the bra is among the most important aspects of a lady’s wardrobe. Yes! A nice fitting bra makes you look greater, stand a little taller, look thinner, younger, feel better and makes your clothes look more beautiful and fitting. To stand out among ladies and to look quite different, put to work these 7 ways to fix bra mistakes:

Cup Size Mistakes:


It is better to consider highly the numerical band size of a bra when choosing a bra rather than the cup size as the two factors have a direct relationship. Since cup sizes aren’t standard, you could be D with one band size and an E in another band size. Therefore, when choosing a bra to buy or when wearing your bra, ensure that the underwire is not sticking out into your breasts and the bra center doesn’t sit far from the chest. Also, make sure some breast tissues are not pouring out over the place from either the top or armpit corner of your bra. Whenever you notice any armpit boobs or wrinkled boobs at the top of the bra, it is most probable you’re wearing a bra with an undersized cup. What you need to do is to go for a bra that fits perfectly without creating an extra space between your breasts and the fabric and its cups don’t pucker too much.

Remember to Match the Right Bra with your Outfit!

If you must wear a bare-shoulder outer garments such as a backless evening gown which reveals your back, wear it with dignity by not letting an awful-looking bra straps be visible to everyone and anyone that comes around you that evening. Good enough, too many bra types are now made to fit plunging necklines or backless dresses. Also, you don’t have to choose wearing your dress without a bra. All you need to do is to make use of a bra that has no straps over the shoulders or a silicone adhesive bra or a rubberized bra under a strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. Opt for a push-up bra if you intend to wear a tight-fitting top. More nicely, you can opt for a convertible bra which allows straps to be detached or adjusted and rearranged to suit the kind of outfit you want to wear.

Bra Bulge is Likely to Occur if you’re an Ideal Weight In the Wrong Bra:


It is common to notice bra bulge on the back or beneath the arms if you’re wearing the wrong bra. Wearing bras that are too tight equally aggravates the situation. Changing bra sizes doesn’t always stop this from happening. What you need to do to keep this entirely at bay is to buy a bra that has bigger back and under the arms band, power-net wings and firmer fabric. This will help share your bra’s weight and pull, ruling out those “back bumps”

Make Sure the Band Sits Well


Well the photo will make it easier for you to perceive whether or not you wearing your bra rightly. The band of your bra isn’t supposed to ride up your back. It is embarrassing to notice a lady’s back band is above the underwire. Rather than arching upwards against your back, the fit should be snug around your rib cage but not too confining. Don’t forget, they’ll stretch a little with use nearly three inches throughout its existence. So settling for bigger band bras because we are already annoyed and tired of bra shopping instead of a bra that fits perfectly is not open to reason.

Don’t Let the Straps Sink or Slide off your Shoulders


Most women make their bra straps so tight thinking it is the straps that do all the job. No darling that is so wrong! Straps do only about 10 percent of work while the band caters for 90 percent of a bra’s support, experts revealed. So you are making yourself less comfortable and it can even give you lines if you are used to keeping straps super tight to lift up your breasts. You don’t even need a bra that makes you tighten your straps as it only tells the bands are too big to give appropriate support. Remember that straps become loose and slide off for the same reason (the ride-up factor), although it might also mean that the strap hasn’t been adjusted for your height.

If you Want to Show Off your Bra as Part of your Outfit, Do it Right:


It always looks celebrity-like and therefore it is super cool to wear a bra as part of your outfit. But enough care should be taken to avoid looking too sexy or even gross. However if you’re able to wear it properly, you will otherwise look stunning, enticing and unforgettable.

Don’t Let the World See the Outline of your Bra Through your Clothe.


This is probably the most common bra mistake most ladies make. Your bra may be plain-looking or unappealing or even embarrassing and you let the outline be visible to the whole world. Picture the embarrassing sight you catch in a situation where someone else is wearing an over-sized or undersized bra or a bra that is riding up the person’s back….how embarrassing. Even men feel embarrassed for people like this. It is of the utmost importance that you should know how to dress so as to avoid revealing your undergarment. And you will only be keen when you take a little time observing women in everyday life, focus on the various ways in which their underwear (particularly bra) is visible. When you’re sure about sizing, try a seamless, non-embroidered bra that will make you feel comfortable in them without showing through.

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