6 Facts About Chrystale Wilson From The Players Club And Trois Actress

Bold, beautiful and very smart, Chrystale Wilson is an American actress who is renowned for her incredible adaptability onscreen. She has starred in different roles on TV series and feature movies, putting up mesmerizing displays with equal ease and becoming a darling of TV audiences in America and beyond. A very hard-working woman, Wilson has also been a producer and casting director.

As an actress, she is best known for her portrayal of Ronnie in The Players Club, a comedy/drama film which made waves in the late ’90s. She is also known for her work in Trois, an erotic thriller in which she played the role of Tammy. She has starred in many other projects, winning accolades for her work.

Chrystale Wilson’s Biography

Even though the exact date in which Chrystale Wilson was born has been quite confusing, some reliable sources have claimed she was born on 28th March 1971 in Atlanta, a popular city in Georgia, USA. where she also grew up.

The identities of her parents remain quite elusive as she has remained silent about that. However, she has often talked about how strict her mother was strict with her as a child. According to Chrystale, her mother did not allow her to play like the other girls her age would do. Instead, she would be made to sit in her room and read books. This would later go on to help her in life. Not much is known about her father. Also, it is not certain if she has any siblings.

Details about where she had her elementary and high school education remain vague at the moment. However, we know that she studied for a law degree at Sacramento City College in California. When she graduated, she did some work in a law firm for a while before venturing into the world of entertainment.

She was a stripper

One interesting fact about Chrystale Wilson is that she used to work as a stripper before she found fame as an actress. According to reports, after she finished college and had begun to work in a law firm, she took up a job as a stripper on the side. This was apparently in a bid to help her make some extra cash.

She worked as a stripper at a club in Atlanta and continued the job for two years before she eventually got on television.

How she became famous

After some time stripping and working in a law firm in Atlanta, she eventually moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of other things. While in Los Angeles, she appeared in a music video for Tupac Shakur‘s song Toss It Up. Afterward, she met with Ice Cube who decided to feature her in The Player’s Club, a movie he was producing and directing as well. This was where her rise to fame began.

Chrystale Wilson portrayed the role of Ronnie in The Players Club, a comedy/drama film in 1998. The movie, which was apparently her very first, went on to become quite big in the USA and shot her into the limelight, giving her many fans who came to fall in love with her beauty and acting skills.

Chrystale Wilson
Chrystale Wilson stars in Interludes (2012)

After starring in The Players Club, Chrystale went on to star as Tammy in Trois, an erotic thriller film in 2000. The movie helped to push her growing fame to bigger boundaries and she started to get even more calls to star in more movies. Over the years, she has appeared in other projects as such as Honeybee in 2001, Pandora’s Box in 2002, Man of Her Dreams in 2009, For Richer or Poorer in 2012, Marry Us for Christmas in 2014, and Chandler Christmas Getaway, among others.

She is an author

Chrystale Wilson is not just an actress; she is also an author. In fact, according to her, writing is her first love. When she was little and her mother didn’t allow her to do things that other kids usually did, she found solace in writing. She revealed that she wrote her first story when she just 6 years old.

She continued penning down her thoughts right through college and kept improving her skills. In 2012, she published her first book titled “Sexipes: Sexcapades and Recipes”. She followed it up with “Sexipes Blk&Wht: Sexcapades and Recipes” that same year.

What is Chrystale Wilson’s net worth?

Apparently, Chrystale Wilson has been able to rake in a fortune from her acting career. She has starred in many movies and series and has gained some fame from it. She has also worked as a producer and casting agent. At the moment, her net worth has been pegged at around $1 million to $2 million by different sources.

She is a philanthropist

Apart from her work as an actress, Wilson is also concerned about humanity and has organized different charitable works around her community. In fact, she has her own annual event called the Injured Angel Mixer, which aims to help disadvantaged elderly people in the community.

The actress is also known to love spending quality time distributing different relief products to various inner-city nursing homes. Chrystale also does a lot of volunteering work at various animal shelters around the USA, winning admiration for her efforts.

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Is Chrystale Wilson married?

Fans have often asked if the actress is a married woman at the moment. Well, the answer is a straight-forward “no”. She is not married just yet and she has been very secretive about her private life, so much that it has proven difficult to get to know if she is in love with anyone at all.

It is believed that she is single at the moment and is concentrating on her career. Soon, this narrative may change and we will get to know about the man in her life.

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