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Chase Amick who is best known by his pseudonym 6 Dogs is an American rapper whose name began to trend since his teenage years. 6 Dogs is one of those who found a career in the music world through their most unfavorable moments. His rapping skills, as well as his “sad trap” music, has helped him to gain a lot of fame in the music world. Among his most notable singles are Faygo Dreams and Flossing which have managed to garner millions of plays and views on both SoundCloud and Youtube within a few months. Let’s enjoy some facts about the young artist.

6 Dogs’ Biography & Age

Chase Amick is a native of northern Georgia, he was born on May 5, 1999, and he grew up in a religious family with his sister whose name we are yet to know. Chase had quite a happy childhood spending more time either at the church or with the children of their fellow religious neighbors. He even had his schooling at home until in his third-grade when he was enrolled at a private Christian school before he transferred to a public middle school in his fifth grade. Studying there till his eighth grade, 6 Dogs was deeply affected by the level of racism that ripped through his county. Seeing how racist everyone were, he then asked his parents to move him to another high school which is where he recently graduated from.

As one whose early years revolved around his family’s religious practices, 6 Dog began to nurse a passion for music while listening to Christian songs like the ones produced by Stanley Kirk Burrell who is better known as MC Hammer. as he grew older, he became more attracted to rap songs, especially the ones that are outside the world he was used to. Chase listened to more rap songs produced by top musicians like Kanye West, Drake and Lil Wayne. After finding his root in the rap world, 6 Dogs secretly built his musical career for the fear that his parents will not approve of his newly- discovered passion. Instead, he took advantage of the internet to share his music.

6 Dog titled his first song ‘Demon In The A’. He shared the song on the internet only to delete it shortly after. The rapper deleted the song not because it wasn’t recognized, but just because he felt it wasn’t that good enough. As a matter of fact, the song made a buzz on social media and people’s comment he received about the song gave him some sort of courage to take his musical career to another level. His next music video was ‘Flossing’ and more than his first song, Flossing became a major hit on YouTbe and other video sharing platforms. The song was posted in the summer of 2016 and it received much more acclaim. People’s acceptance of the video encouraged him to be front with his music career which he later did.

Soaring higher in his musical career, 6 Dog released his third song ‘Faygo Dreams’ in March 2017 and as expected, the song was well accepted in the music world. The same year, he released three more songs – ‘Getaway’, ‘Spaceship’ and ‘Mazi Love’. In 2018, he also released songs like ‘Ok’, ‘Off The Gas’ and ‘Buttcheeks’. He featured the American rapper Lil Skies in his song Off The Gas.

What Is 6 Dogs Net Worth?

6 Dogs is still an upcoming musician but that is not to say that he has not saved up some good amount for himself so far. As a fast growing musical star, it won’t be long before his financial worth will begin to top the chat of rich young singers. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $100, 000.

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Facts About The Rapper

  • 6 Dogs got into music in a bid to wade off his depressing moments mostly caused by his family’s high religious standards which according to him, kept him away from the real world.
  • Before venturing into music proper, 6 Dogs worked as a lifeguard. Although that also made him more depressed, he also gave him time to plan his future properly
  • Talking about his popularity on various social media platforms, 6 Dogs first announced his presence on Soundcloud where he currently boasts of thousands of followers with his songs being played millions of times. The artist also has over 162.2k Followers, on Instagram and over 32.7k followers on Twitter.
  • 6 Dogs’ favorite music artist is the Atlanta-based singer, record producer, and rapper, Slug Christ while the rapper Key is his favorite rapper.
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