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The mention of Chris Rock instantly directs one’s mind to comedy. This is mainly because most of Chris Rock’s movie roles have been set in comedy movies in which he plays light-hearted characters. The American actor and stand-up comedian, Chris Rock is known for being one of the most hilarious men in Hollywood. Having kick-started his career since 1984, he has gone on to star in nearly 80 movies, TV series, and documentaries, winning so many accolades and becoming one of the most adored Black American actors. In the process, he has bagged four Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards among many other recognitions.

However, even though Chris Rock’s movie roles have been linked majorly to comedic interpretations, it is noteworthy that the actor has also portrayed some characters which just goes to show how versatile he is in front of the camera.

5 Chris Rock Movie Roles That Prove He Can Do More Than Comedy

Like we have mentioned already, Chris Rock has starred in a number of serious movies. These are some of those movies which show just how much he can deviate from being a funnyman.

2 Days in New York

2 Days in New York is an American romantic film co-written and directed by Julie Delpy and was released in 2012. The movie features Chris Rock playing the role of Mingus, a love-struck man living in the big city of New York with his girlfriend Marion (played by Julie Delpy). Mingus and Julie live with their two children from previous relationships. They are all living very fine until the arrival of Marion’s family members who decided to visit her in New York.

The coming of Marion’s family led to a breakdown of the peace and quiet the couple had enjoyed before and it stretched Mingus’ patience to its very limit. He learns to accept his girlfriend’s family and tolerate some of their excesses. In the end, his patience and understanding help to save the day.

Top Five

Top Five is an American comedy film that was released in 2014. In addition to starring in the movie, Chris Rock also wrote and directed Top Five. Now, even though Top Five happens to be a comedy movie, it showed a really serious side of Chris Rock who was playing the character of Andre Allen. Allen was already an established actor who was about to get married to Erica, a beautiful reality star. All appeared to be perfectly in order for Andre Allen but deep inside he was hurting because he felt like he was not on the right track with his life.

However, his sudden encounter with a journalist, Chelsea Brown (played by Rosario Dawson) who came to interview him leads him to reconnect with his innermost passion for stand-up comedy. In the end, he is able to dig deep into his being and go back to doing what gives him the utmost joy.

Chris Rock movie roles
Chris Rock in “Top Five”.

Head of State

Head of State actually serves as the directorial debut of Chris Rock. The movie which was released in 2003 shows Chris Rock playing the role of Mays Gilliam, an alderman for the 9th Ward in Washington, D.C. who got accidentally elected as the candidate for the presidential elections in the United States.

At first, Gilliam was very skeptical about the whole thing, but then his brother persuaded him to speak out for what he believed in and so he started out, stunning people with his articulation. Even though the movie was a comedy, Chris Rock’s performance showed his more serious skill of oratory as his character spoke about issues such as welfare, money, society, etc. In the end, Gilliam won the election.

Bad Company

Bad Company is an American-Czech action thriller film which was released in 2002. The movie stars Chris Rock playing the role of Jake Hayes, a young man who has been recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to finish a project which his identical twin brother has been on before he was killed.

Posing as his dead brother, Hayes is able to retrieve a stolen suitcase bomb, even helping to disarm the bomb just prior to detonation. The movie shows Chris Rock take on a detective role which he could expand on in other movies if he chooses to.

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New Jack City

New Jack City is an American action crime film released in 1991. The movie stars Chris Rock playing the role of “Pookie” Benny Robinson, an ex stick-up kid who became a homeless, poor young man after Appleton, a drug-lord in New York City shot him in the ankle.

Pookie eventually turned into a crack addict before becoming a police informant, helping with the exposure of a dangerous New York gang.

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