35 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

With all that mother nature has to offer, you just have to be alive to be a first-hand witness. Some places in this world leave you absolutely breathless. The puzzle is more when you discover that some of these beautiful attractions are void of human or technological manipulations and have existed for ages. Below are 35 interesting and beautiful places you should not hesitate to see:

1. Avatar Hallelujah Mountain (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) China

This is Spielberg’s Avatar movie inspiration. The pillar-like mountains are housed in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China; a fantastical destination.

2. Ice Canyon, Greenland

These canyons are estimated to be about 4 million years old, thus, the oldest to have ever been discovered. Researchers believe that the 800m deep canyon originated as a regular flow of rivers in Greenland’s rock-base surface.

3. India

The Taj Mahal, meaning ‘crown of places’ is one of the prominent sites in India. This marble embellished monument cost a fortune and took over a decade to be completed.

4. Ice Cave, Iceland

It will be an awesome chilly cave tour at this crystal blue spot in Iceland. A typical nature designed site, right in the heart of glacier.

5.Wind Cathedral, Namibia

Wind Cathedral is a Namibia natural wonder found at the Namib Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei. These sand dunes are formed by the interaction of the wind from the Atlantic Ocean; and are over 60-80 million years old.

6. Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii, USA

Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii is strategically established at the Ka’anapali Beach. This is a fun and serene place for a vacation, nature’s goodness at its peak.

7. Oklahoma grotto pool, USA

It’s amazing what marvels you find in the modern-day caverns and tropics. The luxurious Oklahoma grotto pool is made possible from the waterfall; the gripping lighting does the trick, giving it a daunting scenery.

 8. Santorini Cave Pool, Greece

Santorini, Greece is famous for her cave hotels. The gorgeous and uniquely designed Santorini cave pool is not just refreshing but also one of the bests in Greece.

9.Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Located in Alberta’s Banff National Park, Canada; Fairmont hotel and resort is a nature-friendly attraction- from the ice-covered mountains to the pines to the jade-green colored lake. There are a lot of recreational activities here. Don’t you just want to sleigh with Santa on the ice?

10. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia has an avant-garde bronz-age residential structure, thereby making the contemporary residents modern-day cave dwellers. Having hot air balloons over this settlement in the dusk is overly whimsical.

11. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Norwegian Atlantic Ocean Road is a heritage site that runs through an archipelago. It is also known as the Norwegian Construction of the Century; it attracts a lot of people and has been popularly used for movies and commercials.

12. Marqueyssac Garden, France

France has a list of amazing gardens, but Château de Marqueyssac takes the cake. Formerly owned in succession by several people and have been restructured and remodeled till its final stage. The garden tells a different story at each stage.

13.The Stone forests of Madagascar

If you’ve never heard of stone forest, then it is time to take a fun but a careful trip to Madagascar’s very rare nature reserve to see the razor-sharp, pointed edge limestone formations in the midst of mangrove trees. It is located at the Tsingy de Bemaraha National park in Madagascar, covering 666 square kilometers.

14. Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake, Chile

This natural beauty is a formation of calcium carbonate deposits from flowing water, over thousands of years.  Dependent on the weather condition, the walls of this cavern takes its crystal clear blue reflection from the Carrera Lake.

15. Love Tunnel, Ukraine

The romantic greenery is linked to the 15th century  Klevan Castle in Ukraine. The present-day lovey-dovey walkway used to be a railway tunnel before its ruins.

16. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Erosion of the Navajo sandstone gave birth to the antelope canyons in Arizona. We might never know why the antelope title was given to this canyon but it sure is a wonder to behold.

17. Blue Caves – Zakynthos Island, Greece

Zakynthos translucent blue caves were a source of inspiration to ancient Greek artworks. You can sail, take a dive or just take pictures of this tranquil environment.

 18. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Stuart family definitely did their country a favor when they planted these intertwining beech trees at the entrance of their home, over 2 centuries ago. The dark hedges have become an opulent attraction site for millions of tourists in Northern Ireland.

19. Painted Cliffs, Tasmania, Australia

The naturally painted cliffs of Maria Island is a piece of wonder. A sunlight ray on them, and they become radiantly awesome.

20. Skógarfoss, Iceland

Skogafoss is a 200 feet waterfall located on the Skoga River, in Iceland.  A shallow flow gives the privilege to appreciate the crafty beauty of the cliffs as well as the stone arrangements at the base of the waterfall.

21. The Star of Bourtange, Holland

Originally constructed for defense and a means of border control, who knew it would become a star spectacle for the world today; with its canals and verdure. The Star fort is one of a kind attraction in Holland.

22. Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

 Talk of the perfect blend of white vast sand and turquoise blue freshwater and Lençóis Maranhenses will make it on that list. However, if the rocks beneath the sand didn’t hold rainfalls between the dunes, it would have been a near-dessert creation and a sad story for the fishes.

23. Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A view of the cascading flow of clean water over the rocks of the Albion falls is a good spot to start from when you visit Ontario, Canada. The 62 feet high Hamilton fall has been considered as a major water supply for the local community.

24. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Piccu is a 15th-century icon of civilization- classical stone architecture on the hilltop of the sacred valley. It is a solemn archaeological site for the Incas.

25.  Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Give life to that fantasy and experience the Bora Bora hotel’s, world’s first-ever lagoon bungalows. For an island weekend get-away, this spot will do justice to your expectations especially if you are aqua friendly.

26. Monument Valley, USA

This is another one of the media favorites and popularized spots; Hollywood’s typical representation of the wild west. Though the valley has a desert-like climate, it never ceases to be cold in winter.

27. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Visiting the Amalfi Coast will simply prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Italians know to the core, how to live an enviable and enticing life. Adding to this fascinating fact, their cuisine is a taste bud sharpener.

28. Blue Lagoon Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

The Galapagos rock Islands contain rare endemic species in her lagoons. Located on the equator and not the easiest place to travel to; though recent plans have been endorsed and implemented to alter that.

29. The waves, Utah, USA

Arizona is obviously known for her artistic orange-brown sandstone amazement. The U-shaped ‘waves’ is an extension of the Navajo sandstone creations- formed from the partial erosion of water and the wind.

30.  Ice Castles in Silverthorne, Colorado, USA

Castle of ice diamonds and sculptures; down to tunnels and hallways. Who will not fancy being in a  ‘super cool’ spot like this? with the astounding view of the layers of icicles hanging in there. Just don’t forget your snow boots and hand warmers

31. Rice Field Terraces in Yunnan, China

It is not unreal, neither is it just good artwork. Rather it is an exquisite site of a conspicuous plateau of rice-paddy fields in Yuanyang County, Yunan, China. A trip will convince you.

32. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver Capilano suspension bridge has survived a couple of centuries- from hemp ropes to cable wires. It is an appended fun feature to treetop adventure.

33. The Whitehaven beach, Australia

Up for a swimming challenge? The cleanest beach in Australia is where you want to be; but keep the dogs and tobacco, away. You might as well want to be extremely careful with your electronics because the silicon concentrated white sand is capable of damaging them.

34. The Great China Walls.

In order to conquer this legendary Chinese landmark, you definitely need two things- water and a hand to hold. This wall covers a whopping distance of 8,850km; it’s only safe and a lot easier to travel light.

35. Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina

At the point of the concourse with the San Antonio River, the falls of the Iguazu River forms the border between Argentina and Brazil. There is a walkway for tourists from the Brazilian border to see the beauty of the falls and the surrounding greenery.

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