30 Rare Photos Of Hillary Clinton You Have Never Seen Before

Hillary Clinton has a masterly and awe-inspiring resume: secretary of state, a two-term senator, 2008 presidential candidate — and certainly, first lady.

Did we mention that she could be the president of the United States soon? That said, it is important to mention that she didn’t gain all these in one day. Born in Chicago on Oct. 26, Hillary was once a victim of gender discrimination when, as a young girl, NASA informed her that the agency didn’t take female astronauts

More than a decade later, in 1975, she was again given the bum rush over gender when attempting to join the Marines. However, she refused to quit and today, she has amassed an envious resume for herself. Check out these photos of her before the 2016 election jibes.

Hillary Stands With Her Mother

Little Hillary poses by the side of her mother outside her childhood home in Chicago. Doesn’t she look like an aggressively ambitious person even as a child?

Little Cute Face

Who would have thought this cute innocent face will be ridiculing and throwing barbs at Donald Trump now?

Leaving High School

Though Clinton was still on a relentless quest to become a lawyer here, she didn’t forget to smile as a high school student.

Commencement Speech at Her College Graduation

Hillary was the first student to give a commencement speech at Wellesley College in 1969 and guess what, she killed it. The speech grabbed headlines, throwing brickbats at Senator Edward Brooke, who was the day’s main speaker. That’s a grin of victory!

Cheery Yale Student

Hillary very full of excitement about the future. The wild grin tells a lot about the presidential candidate, one of which is that she loves smiling unhypocritically.

Pals Forever

If you’re confused about who they are, it’s the Clintons. Hillary and Bill met in the Yale library in 1970 during Bill’s first year in law school and Hillary’s second. Admirable right?

Couldn’t Resist His Attraction?

Hillary made the first move after they both kept looking at each other severally. On getting to him, she said something like, “‘You know, if you’re going to keep looking at me, and I’m going to keep looking back, we should know each other. I’m Hillary Rodham.'”  Notice how she was exclusively starring at Bill’s lips. Clearly absorbed by the sight!

They just met, but already they could sense each other’s power and attraction.

Reciprocal Love

They were just two hopelessly committed, liberal lovebirds. Perhaps at some point they both realised reading a book without play damages the spine and at that point Bushy Bill Clinton and hippie Hillary Rodham decided to step up in their relationship.

Happy Hillary Rodham

Meet pre-political Hillary. Aren’t those toned legs cute? She was presumably happy to have finally met Bill.

Lawyer In 1974

Young veteran shows she doesn’t just read books but also has fun with them posing in her families’ library. The googly glasses paid off since her career blossomed for reading with them. She became the first lady, eventual secretary of state and potential president and could be the president soon.

 It’s Official

Here, Hillary and Bill Clinton sealed their love in their living room in 1975 – just a week after she said “yes!.” Though she was previously reluctant to settle down with Bill, she later followed her mind and you could see how happy they are around each other then.

Honeymoon Faces

Hillary grabs Bill right after they exchanged vows. By the picture, it’s either Hillary was more expressive of her feelings or she was too into him.

Journey Of Motherhood – Chelsea Clinton Is born

The couple welcomes Chelsea Clinton, their only child. She was born during her father’s first term as governor of Arkansas. She is named after the Chelsea neighborhood in London where Bill and Hillary spent a 1978 vacation. That’s sweet!

Motherhood Laughter

there’s something euphoric about being a mother; the sensation of soft cheeks pressing against your own is every bit as euphoric as the indulgent delight of the feathery beginning.

Hillary Clinton Can Be Classy

Hillary showing off her toned arms to the world with a big grin.

Family  Support

The daughter of Bill and Hillary, Chelsea joins parents to campaign for Bill in the 92′ election. It’s fair to say the cultural bloodstream of politicians can easily trickle down into their offsprings, don’t you think?

Well-Worn Clinton

Here is Hillary Clinton in a plain display. The picture shows a broad, absurd, scathing and ageing photo of her.  And did anyone mention  the red eyes? They look bloody

Emerging First Lady

Clinton posing like a power thirsty queen with a mean edge and strange wave as she addressed students at Wayne State University in Michigan during the 92′ campaign. Well, she had to do everything to support her better half.


Hillary and Bill give a proud stare as Bill is sworn in as the President of The United States.

Cracking Up

This is when everything was going smoothly for rival presidential candidates. The two may never enjoy such priceless moment again.

Hillary Fighting for Health Care Rights!

Sec. of State is straightforward and tough. She is a good fighter. Here she unveils her serious side and you could see how she concealed her amusing and lively nature to give speeches tended to be direct and a push-button. Anything to win a worthy fight!

Hillary the Muslim?

Hillary probably trying to conceal her identity in a Hijab. Who was she hiding from?

Hillary Looking Chic with Veronica Lario Berlusconi

Hillary Clinton and Veronica Lario Berlusconi, then-wife of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi looking happily classy

First Lady

A genuine smile of the first lady. Bill possibly got attracted to Hillary’s smile, brainpower and meticulousness.

Hillary Dodges a Bullet

Besides their intellectual fascination and Hillary’s frank smiles, Bill may have been attracted by Hillary’s eagerness to prove that she is on a par with men. Look how she is all happy being surrounded by the military in Iraq.

Hillary on 60 minutes

Bill Clinton consoles Hillary on the set of “60 Minutes” after a stage light violently fell from the ceiling unexpectedly and knocked her down on Jan. 26, 1992. Notice how he’s holding her, seems she was about to unleash slaps on that man’s cheek!

Unflattering Snap

This raucous laugh is probably how Hillary will laugh if she eventually beats Trump in the election. But could this be how she really laughs when she overexcited?

Hillary and Obama

“Do the talking while I do the eating”…exactly what Obama’s facial expression screams. Apparently, he is more interested in the lunch than talking to Hillary.

Dancing on the Beach

Even in this special sweet moment between the two inseparable couple, Hillary looks sincerely into his eyes yet strict and rigorous.

Young and Hungry

Here is a display of young and seemingly power-hungry Hillary Clinton. She may have been power hungry but she apparently looked beyond our male-driven culture, where we still struggle to achieve racial, gender or economic equality. And now, she’s ready to prove that her dreams are as valid as those of the male counterparts.

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