23 Reasons You Should NEVER Visit Australia – You’ll Want To See This For Your Own Safety

Australia is a great nation blessed with abundant natural and human resources, on January 26 of every year, Australians celebrate what is referred today as holiday of Australia Day. It is a day that is used to commemorate the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now part of Sydney, in 1788. It is an opportunity for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture.

Undeniably, there are beautiful and interesting things about Australia that will make you desire taking your next vacation trip to Australia. The Oceanian country, aside the well known beautiful environs of its mainland, have other wonderful places like the Tasmania island and among other numerous but smaller islands for anyone to enjoy their vacation.

However, it’s not all goodies as there are indications that Australia, oddly harbours variety of entities that delights in waylaying and possibly causing harm to unwary victims. Now, lets take a look at the many ways Australia can scare you to your marrows…Only in Australia!

Here are 23 Reasons You Shouldn’t Visit Australia

Welcome to Australia where snakes can thrive anywhere and practically choose where ever it desires as it’s habitat. If seeing is believing, then here are pictures of snakes feeding on animals, flying on a plane’s wing, leisurely crawling shops, chilling on golf course holes, and relaxing on toilet bowl… Only in Australia! – You’ve never seen anything like this before, trust me!

23. To put things into perspective, even the crocodiles are eaten by snakes in Australia.

This Crocodile Never Believed Australia is This Crazy Until It Became a Prey to this Enormous Snake

22. Crocodiles are just Everywhere

Like Seriously? Crocodiles… Are You Kidding Me?

21. Snakes on Planes

This is not your “Snakes on Plane” Movie! The snake; a scrub python was spotted on Qantas plane in Australia.

20. Python in a Shop

This is Australia where Pythons equally want to shop like humans

19. Snakes Housing Golf Course Holes

Golf is an interesting game except in Australia where snakes house the course holes

18. Huge Hungry Snakes That Literally EVERYTHING

This Bat Thought Snakes Don’t Feed on Bats but to everyone’s surprise ….

17. Snakes in the Restrooms

You need to be careful using the restrooms!

16. Too Many Crocodiles

Maybe you’re yet to come across such sayings like “welcome to Australia where crocodiles swim in your street”. Before you ask how real that is, know that the salt water crocodile which is considered the largest of all living reptiles, and as well the largest and riparian predator in the world is estimated to have a population of 100,000 to 200,000 adults in Australia. Yes, Australia have that large amount of the most dangerous crocodile to humans.

15. Sharks Invading Golf Course

As though it’s not enough to have crocodiles roaming your streets in Australia, these sharks reportedly invaded a lake in a golf course. Apparently, lovers of golf game have to contend with snakes in their golf ball holes and sharks parading their course before they enjoy their game in Australia.

14. Australian Paralysis Ticks

Australia paralysis Tick Before and After Feeding

For the sake of its abundance in Australia, ixodes holocyclus is now well-known as Australian paralysis ticks. And this, is just one out of the 75 species of the Australian ticks. Australian paralysis ticks can cause paralysis by injecting neurotoxins into its host. Bites from Australian paralysis ticks can produce life-threatening effects like severe allergic reactions, Rickettsial Spotted fever and tick paralysis. So far, 20 known human fatalities has been reported in Australia.

13.  Mass of Millipedes That Can Crash Trains

Imagine how many millipedes it will take to crash a train. That much is the quantity of millipedes you’ll get to see congregating certain places especially train tracks in Australia. Although it’s usually a minor crash, it definitely took way too many hundreds of millipedes to distress a plane. David Hynes, a spokesman for the public transport authority of western Australia explained that when there are lots of millipedes being squished at the same time, it could lead to tracks that are much less friction-filled than normal. Then, the train can loses traction and slips.

12. Snake- Sized Earthworms

Though they are acknowledged as not-harmful, but an earth-worm sized like a snake do not need any of those poisonous venom to cause harm. I sincerely believe the panic attack it can potentially cause to the person accidentally sighting it for the first time, is enough harm. And, these giant Gippsland earthworms are just one out of Australia’s 1000 native earthworm species.

11. Predatory Cone Snails With Attractive Bright Colors

Warning! The bright colors and patterns of cone snails are attractive. But you must resist the urge to pick up any of such thing in Australia except when proven that its not a cone snail. All cone snails carry toxic harpoons which can fire in any direction and most of the toxins are fatal to humans.

10. Irukandji Jellyfish

The tendencies of getting a feel of the Irukandji Syndrome is high in Australia. This is so because the Irukandji jellyfish; a box jellyfish that inhabit marine waters of Australia, though small, are extremely venomous. The symptoms they cause are generally known as the Irukandji syndrome. Any victim of this jellyfish sting needs immediate medical attention within 20 minutes else the victim might experience cardiac arrest and die

9. Deadly Stone Fish

Stone fishes can stay out of water for 24 hours and they are venomous, dangerous, and fatal to humans. Stone fishes sting when you step on them. And reports states that their stings in Australia injects harmful venom into humans which can lead to death if not timely treated.

 8. Harmful Blue-ringed Octopus

Watch out for blue, black rings and yellowish skin octopus especially when you’re within southern New South wales, South Australia, and North Western Australia. These creatures, though small in size and docile in nature, are recognised among the world’s deadliest marine animals. Their venoms are powerful and can kill humans.

7. Arrogant Swarming and Disturbing Flies

The question you’ll probably ask when you come across articles with titles like ‘How to Cope with Flies in Australia’ is, is it that bad? Yes! it is. Flies can practically spoil your day in Australia. Especially during Summer. Take a look at the picture above. The unlucky man has to discomfort himself with a net in order to protect his face from flies, it’s that bad.

6. There are just too Many Spiders… Like this much

Although the venom of many common Australian spiders are considered not to be toxic, Australia has some highly venomous spiders that include the infamous Sydney funnel-web, its Atrax genus relatives and the red-back spiders. Their bites can be deadly. So, it will do you more good to generally avoid spiders in Australia.

5. Big Venomous Centipedes

The venom of these giant centipedes can cause severe pains that persist for several days. These centipedes are formally known as Ethmostigmus rubripes, and are the largest native Australian centipedes. They are among the largest centipedes in the world that can reportedly feed on mice and lizards.

4. Flying Foxes

The grey-headed flying fox is the largest bat in Australia. They harbor viruses that are fatal to humans when contacted. Although the ratio of fox to human infection is extremely low, you cannot overlook their overwhelming population in Australia. The current estimates for the species is about 610,000.

3. Dingoes Feeding on Sharks

Dingoes are wild native dogs of Australia. Avoid them! If they can feed on sharks, your safety when you cross their paths cannot be guaranteed.

2. Thousands of Swarming Soldier Beetles

Imagine what it’s like to have thousands of similar beetles around. They are called plague soldier beetles and they indeed, persistently pestered and annoyed Australians.

1. Ball-sized Ice Rain

Always find shelter when the clouds get heavy in Australia.

[youtube_video video_id=”tJAY6GBJmHI”]

Obviously, you do not want to be caught up in such kind of rain.

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