21 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

Anybody who claims they’ve never felt embarrassed is probably telling a white lie right to your face. Yes, everyone has that embarrassing moment when you feel like the world is against you for some reason best known to karma, but a celebrity’s embarrassing moment often goes overboard since they’re always on the spotlight. Whatever they say or do gets more eyes watching. In fact they get too little privacy because there’s usually someone with a camera nearby documenting their every move. Here are 21 celebrities who forgot that at some point.

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Iggy Azalea’s Higher Slit Fails

Iggy Azalea’s Higher Slit Fails (Image Source)

The Australian singer really showed that she has practically nothing to conceal at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, but it is certain she wasn’t ready to show her vagina to the world. Her red carpet look turned out to be the most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe crash leaving nothing to the imagination. The flimsy nude panties she wore beneath it had been also stunning except in hiding her lady bits.

Pedo Bieber

A pedophile? One day an angry parent might file such charge against Bieber.

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Ari’s Unlucky Accident:

Victoria’s Secret angel accidentally hit Ari in the face with her wings at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and she looked very fearful. She carried on with singing and dancing .

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Britney’s Fishnet Fails

Britney’s fishnet couldn’t take any more of the muscular thighs as she sported a hole in them during her Piece Of Me review at Planet Hollywood on Friday. The stockings worn under her bedazzled sheer leotard began ripping apart at her crotch on both legs during her Piece of Me” Show in Las Vegas.

Shave Us The Embarrassment:

Normally, if you’re going to walk down the red carpet at least try not to flaunt your downy gams! Well, the award winner actress particularly for her role as an abusive mother in Precious, raised eye brows for her personal grooming when she was seen hitching up her dress to show off her unshaved legs on the red carpet at the star-studded event. Though the Precious star has been seen several times airing the pins in her legs on red carpet events, this was the most embarrassing moment of her show game.

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Will Smith Attacks A Shady Kissy Reporter

It’s hard to see Will Smith angry – but we saw that side when a Ukrainian reporter tries to kiss Will Smith on the lips on the red carpet and the actor angrily pushes him away and then backhands him across the face. Though the seemingly slap was all unplanned, that’s what you get when you try to get a little too jiggy with Will. The other guys was pretty annoying, so blame it on him!

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One Lady Down

Katy Perry’s took a fall during the 2008 MTV Awards after jumping on a cake caused by a failed stunt and attempts to crawl her way backstage. Well, not many celebs can recover from a crashed stunt with great dignity.

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Another Case of Woman Down

It was like a scary scene as well as an embarrassing one as Madonna tumbled off stairs during BRIT Awards. She took a serious spill while performing on-stage. In what seem to be a wardrobe malfunction, the pop star’s cape failed to unclasp, yanking her backwards off a flight of stairs. Madonna spent several seconds on the ground and looked clearly shaken, but she was able to crawl back up and then finished her performance.

Gosling’s Wallpaper Shirt

Call it a striking happenstance, but everyone vividly remember when Ryan Gosling’s photo near a wallpaper that looks exactly like his shirt graced the internet.  Well what’s embarrassing in the photo is that he actually consented to take the photo.

Throwing up on Stage

Well, everyone has embarrassing moments, but this one right in front of a concert arena full of people stands out. The Canadian superstar, Bieber  threw up on stage not once, but twice during a concert in Arizona. He blames on his digestive pyrotechnics on having drunk too much milk before the concert.

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Gravity is Wicked

Kathy Griffin was probably drunk to silly that night that she seems to have forgotten how to use her legs. She tumbled off her car and fell flat down while trying to come out. And more embarrassingly, she was out with British actor Chucky Venice in London in the night of the spilling out.

 Fake Breasts

Nicole Richie rumored to have had a breast job spotted while trying out motherhood her two puppies milk. It’s not about been speculated to have gotten small breast implants over the last few years, it’s about the job the Puppies are really doing.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Big Fall

Jennifer Lawrence has stumbled several times in quite a number of star-studded red carpet events. It is safe to say the repeated falls are  her trademark as she keep falling over  at nearly all the events she attends or could it be that she likes to be seen desperately trying to get her steps back whenever she take the tumble? That’s embarrassing Jenny dear!

Screaming out ‘Brand New Jeans’

Spring Breaker star, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted with an embarrassing accessory. We are not sure whether she accidentally left the tag on her brand new jeans or did it intentionally or planning on returning the jeans to the shop after sporting it. But we are sure is a tag screaming out that the jeans is somewhat new.

Lady Gaga Stealing Babies

Well, Lady Gaga as pictured above was seen trying to fake motherhood like Nicole but in a different manner. However, it came out with very little success. She ended up scaring the little minime rather than cheering him up. Please Gaga keep off babies next time, you’re leave them afraid!

Selena Gomez’s Higher Slit

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anywhere from red carpet events, casual spots, to stage. Selena Gomez can tell this better after her experience at the 103.3 AMP Radio Birthday Bash concert in Boston where her dress’ unusually high central slit exposed her lady part to her screaming fans.

Side Show

LiLo somehow got more than she bargained for after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction which resulted to her breast embarrassingly spilling out from a black dress – Fotunately or (unfortunately for some) her hair was covering her ample bust. That’s another great show Lilo

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Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

It appears Mary-Kate Olsen and her much older man, French banker Olivier Sarkozy, are still going strong and not shy about showing some PDA despite the 17 year age difference which sounds odd. But sometimes Mary Kate makes face that says a millions words such as ‘ I am kind of embarrassed about the age gap’.

Robin Thicke – Caught in Dirty Grabbing!

Robin Thicke is well-known as a bit of cad but when the Blurred Lines singer was seen groping his socialite Lana’s bottom, it caused quite the controversy at the time – He crossed the blurred lines and it was the end of the game for him!

Vanessa and Her Tags:

Yet another Vanessa Hudgens’ tag mistake. Apparently, she went out in a pretty shirtwaist dress with the tag hanging from the rear. Looks like she is compulsively buying and wearing something new every day, that she forgets to do away with the tag before flaunting it.

Another Embarrassing Drama By Lady Gaga

Embarrassing Celebrity Moments
Lady Gaga (Image Source)

Lady Gaga’s black latex pants split while she was on stage at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. During a performance of “Heavy Metal Lover,” Gaga hopped onto a motorcycle for part of her show, causing her Versace pants split and expose her bare buttocks. She played dumb to the failed stunt and went on with her performance.

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