21 Never Seen Photos Of Kardashians Before The Fame And Money

Before Kardashians began to dominate our cultural consciousness and we began to keep up with the clan, Kim was like any other kid.

Though, their late father Robert Kardashian – the Kardashian father – at some point gained fame for successfully defending O.J. Simpson in the ’90s as an attorney.

Kris’ first marriage to Robert Kardashian ended in a divorce, and he later passed away in 2003.

Kris found love again and remarried. Their step-dad, now step-mom, Caitlyn Jenner, is a famous former decathlete who won a gold medal at the Olympics. But, their parents’ fame wasn’t enough and the Kardashian girls later broke out to the world on their own.

Today the Kardashian/Jenner clan pretty much claims the top spot when it comes to reality-TV royalty. The two families are as a point of fact, part of the 30 most influential people on the internet. They are more searched and followed than the president of the United States! They have monetised their brazen reputation and have done so well for themselves.

Having said that, let’s look at 20 rare pictures of Kardashians before the fame.

This photo of  Robert, Kim, Khloe, their late dad Robert and Kortney shows how close-knitted they were. The photo was taken after the parents separated before his demise in 2003. Long before the Kardashians and their Jenner half-sisters have won millions of fans who follow their every moment in the limelight.

Meet Kim’s close friend in school. The girl (on the left) identified as Nikki Lund says while in school, her friend Kim didn’t for one day give a thought to how massively famous she will become today. The story appears to be real because we can notice that Kim had an innocent tooth and cute chubby cheeks oblivious of the fact that she will turn into a social media megastar someday.

It is obvious here that little Kim was free to shovel down anything she wanted. No dieting and there was no stress of hitting the gym.  More importantly, she didn’t have to put too much effort to look adorable or sustain her fan zone and could walk around in a food-stained dress.

Kim is poised from day one and even as a child had always wanted to “break the internet” with her pose. Just look at how confident she was compared to other Kardashians in the picture. In fact, she had no trouble displaying her camera-friendly attitude though there was no fame in view at the time this shot was taken. However, Rob seems to hate being the centre of focus as could be seen now.

This picture shows how fame is a heaven-sent opportunity to the Kardashian sisters as their fashion taste has really improved. If they had rocked this style as grown-ups, i’m sure they would have failed in the fashion world!

Kim loved soccer when she was much younger. So we shouldn’t be surprised that North loves to play soccer too, and Kim so proudly calls herself a “soccer mom”. Blood never lies!

Stunning father-daughters time. The photo was taken during one of their traditional Easter egg hunt. Fortunately, the long-established family custom was passed down to the next Kardashian generation as Kim still follows it with her daughter North.

The Kardashian family welcomed Kendell as one of their own in 1995, two years later, their mom had Kylie. Who would have imagined that these innocent kids and teenagers in this photo will be giving people fashion tips to tap into now? Or that they will even shoot to stardom with Kim getting a sporty and curvaceous figure.

This picture was taken in 1991 and shows Bruce Jenner posing with his then-wife Kris and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan

This “Gray and Black Family” photo was taken in 1995. The today’s sex symbols looked quite different from what we know now. Khloe’s case seems to be the most extreme with a bulged out stomach. Now look who is in white pants……yeah,  Kim. She wouldn’t have believed then that she will become the world’s highest paid reality television star someday.

We must admit here that the family’s fashion sense has evolved slightly. Taken in 2006, the photo is one of the famous Kardashians-Jenner’s annual High-Budget Christmas cards. And yet again Kim showed she is a little different with her pose, smile and look. After this“choreographed” photo was taken, the family started experiencing a good turn of event in their lives.

On the left, with the braces is Nicole Richie, and on the right is 13-year-old sweet looking Kim…that was long before fame came knocking on her door.

Arguably Kim’s then Tabloid Queen teacher before the student upstaged her teacher. The picture was taken when the two were just partying “Lederhosen style” on Octoberfest in Germany, in 2006.  And 10 years on, the student has become the master, surpassing her old friend in style and popularity.

Another shot with her mentor where they put their sexiest look on display during an after-party following the HBO’s Entourage premiere in Hollywood, in 2006. Here, the teacher clearly eclipses the TV personality who looked decidedly modest by comparison while her idol flaunts what she’s got. But what’s happening? I will leave you to answer that.

They all look young, cute and happy, no doubt. But Bruce’s shirt choice begs a lot of questions one of which is…could it be a hint of his gender insecurity even then? Probably.

This photo was taken in 2005 when Kardashian sisters’ women’s clothing boutique was first ushered in. Though Kim and Kourtney looked quite immature and inexperienced, their enthusiasm, obsession and love for fashion was visible!

This photo was taken in 2006, at the Rock & Republic Spring Collection Party. And here, you will agree with me that the Kardashian sisters don’t look far from who we know today. They clearly found the fountain of youth and retained their youthful glow after 10 years.

Here is a different version of Kim and Khloe that we know today – natural and demure. The picture was taken long before they shot to stardom. Certainly, it didn’t cost much to take this photo then but now the paparazzi would have to make a good deal to capture such moment of the social media megastar and her sister.

After Kris moved on without the Kardashians’ father, she fell in love with Bruce (now Caitlyn). Little did Bruce know he would become a step dad to some Kardashians and-Jenner clan would become famous and successful. Kris on the other hand, didn’t know she will someday lose her husband to the transgender community. Well, that’s one thing about life, you can’t be sure of everything.

When taking a look at this photo of The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars you would notice a lot. They all look really close, and they loved matching outfits. Maybe this was a hint that they would become fashion icons and TV stars when they grow up!

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