The 8 Most Ridiculous Runway Fashion

The first thing that runs through our minds whenever we catch sight of the really, really ridiculously looking dresses fashion designers bring on the runway is ”Who would wear that ugly dress? And more shockingly, at the end of the show, one of the contestants wins the week’s challenge. Well, as New York Fashion Week is recently in the news, we hope to see more ridiculous designs but let’s not forget some of the craziest runway fashion faux pas we’ve seen over the years.

Call it weird fashion, fashion mistake or anything you can think of but one thing we need to note is that all fashion shows don’t always look like this. Plus, many designers have revealed flattering, sexy, and beautiful works. However, those kind of works don’t always make big news clips. Rather news and entertainment shows concentrate more on the crazy, terribly unappealing, completely unwearable and totally impractical clothes. Therefore some designers choose to present the seemingly ugly dresses in a bid to make headlines. Here are some of those kinds of runway fashion pieces that always get everybody talking!

This first one looks like a costume but there is no one word to describe it. It is simply hideous and definitely not wearable for any occasion.

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Those look like wings but they certainly don’t look like they can carry anyone who wishes to fly. So, if its just a dress, is the person wearing it supposed to hang their hands up like that all day? The bikini clad lady figure on the dress is a definite NO-NO.


If Lady Gaga was a designer, we would say this was one of her creations. but she is not so this makes no sense whatsoever. It looks like the model was trying to stuff herself into a bag that could not contain her.

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This would have turned out quite pretty if not that we can clearly see an upside down umbrella serving as the skirt of a really good suit. Plus, what are those blue flying accessories supposed to be.

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From the hideous hat with blond hair to the bulky gown with vampire like teeth and tongue, there is just nothing waerable about pieces that could make you look like a potential bedlamite.


A gown with an Eve themed decor, the dice hat and the mask/hat would make the perfect creepy costume for a crazy party.

The ball piece is kinda wearable if you don’t have hands or you don’t need your hands for for the length of time you will be wearing the gown. The mask on the other hand has a patched eye area, so unless you can see through the point of your nose, your best bet would be to stay clear.

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Nerdy does not even begin to describe this outfit because a nerd can do better.

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Furs are expensive and are every girls dream way of keeping warm, but when a fur looks that bright and ugly, you will be committing social suicide. Slutty is good but it might as well make you look desirable.

If you ever dreamed of travelling or cycling to the moon, this would be your safest choice of clothing.

If you must be mummified, why not go the stylish way.

Furs are good but the last time I checked, they are not edible.

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The snakes and colorful balloons are creative but i just don’t see people going gaga over them in the next millennium.

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Utterly crazy vogue, This would do very well in the arctic.

Experiments never hurt anyone.

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Looking like a colorful sacrifice to an African God is the way to go.

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The nylon idea is the perfect way to keep warm and clean. Quite a ridiculous fashion fail!

In case you’re wondering why fashion designers make these insane inventions that are avant-garde and unfit for everyday life, it is probably because the avant-garde tends to deviate from the norm or the status quo. Fashion designers alternatively describe this fashion as sophisticated, strange, intimidating, exciting, stunning. It’s supposed to be talked about since it is part art and part fashion. They are usually there to motivate, surprise, and bring an attitude — and not necessarily for us to put on before shopping at Walmart.

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