20 Creative Ways To Say Thank You For Your Order

Every business that wants to stand out against entrenched competitors must go beyond competing on price or efficiency to focus more on creating meaningful customer experiences through loyalty and word-of-mouth. Customer experience is key to a successful business because as it is said, an amazing customer service is a competitive advantage for a business. Saying ‘thank you for your order’ the right way may just be the final thing you need to do to experience an improved customer relationship in your business.

It not only shows your appreciation for every business order that is made by your client but also proves your commitment to the later. A simple ‘Thank You’ message is one of the many ways to command customer loyalty. It goes a long way to change the way your brand is perceived.

So when you say Thank You, be purposeful, personal and make your customers feel empowered. Showcase the human aspect of your brand, create connections, and build customer loyalty with these carefully selected ways to say thank you for your order.

Creative Ways To Say Thank You For Your Order

1. Send Handwritten Thank-You Notes:

This may be the easiest method so far but it is very effective. Thank you notes also go miles in showcasing the humane side of your business. Examples of the Handwritten inserts are:

  • Thank you very much for keeping our product the number one brand in town. We cannot achieve this success without you as our customer. Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we promise to stay reliable.
  • Thank you for being our valued customer. It has been a pleasure to serve you.
  • Thanks a lot because you keep purchasing our products. Our company promises to provide high-quality products for you as well as outstanding customer service for every transaction.

2. Include Package Inserts:

To give your customer a little more than they expected, insert a small gift in the package. Your thank you gift, no matter how small it is, remains one of the most cost-effective ways to give customers a little extra delight. The inserts may include a couple of samples of your top-selling products into bigger orders for customers to try.

3. Provide Free Gifts:

Pen, small toys for kids, stickers or even some edibles like chewy gum and chocolates are just a few of the many kinds of gifts you could add to your customer’s purchased product. Before you decide on what gift to give a customer, first consider yourself a customer and think of something you would want to receive or something you have found surprisingly useful,”

4. Mark Your Customer’s Birthday:

Celebrating your customer’s birthday is one interesting way to make them loyal to your product. Aside from sending birthday messages via email, you can include cards, coupons or even package a special birthday gift and invite the celebrant to pick up their gifts. other ways to celebrate birthdays with your customer include:

  • Send a surprise birthday cake or gift to the customer’s location.
  • A special discount available only to those celebrating a birthday.
  • Include them on your social media ad
  • Just say it in a surprising way especially when the customer visits your company or store on their birthday.

5. Offer Post-Purchase Discounts:

Giving a discount for every product a customer purchase is a good way of rewarding them for their loyalty. Be careful, however, with this kind of ‘thank you for your order’ message as it could train your customers to wait for deals.

6. Promote Your Customers on Your Website:

In addition to improving visitors on your site, this kind of thank you offer also helps you advertise your product or services. You can take pictures of your customers and effortlessly post them on your web pages.

7. Create Personal Connections with Video:

You can do this by merely video-recording a personalized thank you video for your customers. Through this, the customer is fully aware of how much you value them.

8. Wow One Customer:

You want news about your product and company to spread like wide fire? Giving a simple well-packaged product from your brand to an outstanding customer during one of their visits will go along way.

9. Send Weekly Snacks:

A full-packed snack for both the new and old customers is another creative way to appreciate your customers.

10. Customer Appreciation Day:

Setting up an annual customer appreciation day is another effective way to make your customer happy. You could set up a well-planned party inviting all your loyal customers attend.  This not only shows customers you care but it also helps advertise your brand and gain you referrals.

11. Always Hand-Deliver:

Bringing a customer’s gift to their doorsteps may be too tedious to do but it creates a platform for face-to-face interaction which is too valuable to skip.

12. Collect and Implement Their Opinions:

It’s not enough to always gift your customers but you should also make them feel important by collecting their complaints and ideas and find out ways to incorporate these ideas into the business. Also, let them know when you implemented their vision and ideas. By doing this, you are making their voices count.

13. Celebrate Their Milestone:

Be part of your client’s achievements by joining them to celebrate that special occasion including wedding, childbirth, housewarming or even graduation.

14. Gifts For Their Loved Pets:

If you have records of your customer’s favorite pet, you could decide to make a small gift item for that special pet. By doing this you have created a place for yourself in your client’s hearts.

15. Remember them During Holidays:

Pick a particular holiday of your choice and give back to your clients. Your company’s anniversary may be a better option if you choose not to use the regular holidays

16. Give out a Book that has Positively Impacted your Company:

You are helping your customers gain knowledge on some of the key things that aid your company’s success when you present a motivational book and handout to one or to important customers.

17. Connect them with Celebrity:

Connecting to influential people helps spread the news about your product in a unique way. Arrange with a popular celebrity to surprise your customers with gifts or autographs. It keeps them delighted for a long time

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18. Help them Learn Something New:

Teach your clients something new about your product, company or any other thing that would be beneficial to them. You can do that by arranging an expert to talk to them.

19. Help their Kids Out:

Depending on your product brand, create a room to please your customer’s kids not necessarily with a parting gift item but by helping their social and educational life. You could, for instance, offer to take the kids on a trip or provide a guide or advice for their career.

20. Help them Donate for a Cause:

Make your client happy and fulfilled by contributing to their activities for charity. Being part of their donations makes them completely loyal to you and your brand.

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