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Lying can often be easier and nicer than the truth, and anybody who claims they’ve never told any of these lies is probably lying right then. Of course there is no denying that we tell one or two of these innocent lies to get through a day. Yes, a small lie here and there makes it possible for the proverbial wheel to keep on turning and sometimes we get used to it. The small fibs are so innocuous that they trip off our tongue without us even noticing that we’re deviating from the truth and, let’s be sincere, it usually smooths things when we need it. Here are some of the white lies women tell men even when they don’t intend to.

1. I’m on my period

This is one of the lies women tell men on daily basis especially when they don’t know better ways to avoid having sex. Though not all, many women who don’t know better ways to say “No” when it comes to having sex say this a lot.  Some questions as “Do you want to have sex? only crop up answers like No, I can’t, I am on my period! However, is she really on her period? You would look like a despicable person if you dare asked for proof! So, just accept your fate for the night and retire peacefully since you already know she probably just doesn’t want you touching her. After all, an oven needs to be allowed when it is in cleaning mode.

2.My Phone Died

Women often tell this white lie when they don’t want to get calls or messages from you. They will intentionally put off their phones and give you the big excuse that the phone was off or ‘I don’t know what is wrong with my phone it goes off without my knowing’. The truth is that they didn’t want to hear from you that time.

3.I’ll be ready in five minutes

This is one of the most common and best lies out there coming from ladies. I’ ll be ready in five minutes might turn into a century or long hours of waiting but women would rather say it to make the waiting time sound good and short. That’s just what men love to hear despite knowing they might end up watching an entire movie before she is ready. It is even possible for them to cook a complete meal in the 5mins it will take her to be set. Women often know they won’t be ready in the next one hour but only tell this lie to save face and make their partners feel better. And the good thing is that this harmless little lie helps a lot because it would have been unnecessary to say you will be ready in the next one hour or so.

4.You look good in this shirt!

This little white lie is part of being human. It is a well-known fact that women say this to men only to make them feel good. A guy might ask for  a woman’s opinion on his dressing, watch or jacket, and the answer is often an enthusiastic ‘You look good in this shirt! Plus most men don’t like the truth. The truth is often boring, and hurtful so it’s not bad to tell you what you are itching to hear.

5.Sorry I’m late, the traffic is terrible

By traffic, she means ‘I’m taking a long relaxing shower or I stopped to buy a bagel or something else.  Admit it: You’ve told this lie before. Whether we like it or not, we have at some point kept a friend waiting for so long only to use traffic as an excuse. Perhaps told a friend traffic was bad when you actually thought it would be great if you stopped somewhere to do one or two things you deemed more important. Or maybe you didn’t leave the house when you said you did. Or perhaps you walked or didn’t use the fastest means to get there on time as you said, promised or were told to do.

6.Don’t worry I’m okay

Can you declare, hand on heart, that you never told this little but mighty lie to salvage a situation? Of all the white lies out there, this has to be the most popular coming from the ladies. When such question as “how are you doing with something” is asked, you reply with the typical “fine, thanks,” despite the fact that it is heavily weighing on you that you really want to blow up. But you can’t let them know your weakness and you have to pretend everything is cool with you and then blow up later.

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7.Oh! Yeah, that makes sense

You might stumble upon a wee problem if she told you your opinion does not make sense. Because it might hurt your ego when a woman says you are not making sense, and because women like avoiding anything that will work against a man’s ego they make it sound a lot better instead. So they act like they are fine with your option but they are ultimately finding no sense in it all.

8. I’m very busy now


A woman can, out of the kindness of her heart tell you she is busy while she is watching TV, sleeping, or the likes. She could be busy doing absolutely nothing and that big question throws in asking if she is busy with something she will reply a typical “yes”. Anything can keep anybody busy, so I don’t really think this is a lie.

9. Size doesn’t matter

This is in fact a polite way women break the news to men that the size of their penis is not just up to. Women usually use it for insecure men who didn’t know they were not big enough — and clearly they weren’t if they got that answer. Having in mind that trampling on people’s ego is a powerful way of inflicting depression on them, women save men the big embarrassment by using white lie to compliment them when they find their penis smaller than they should be. Though size varies from man to man, don’t get all comfortable when they tell you size does not matter. It does really matter to them even when they say otherwise. It simply shows they are dealing with something less in size than what they have played with in the past. Therefore don’t blindly accept the lie, instead ensure to make up in other skills what you lack in size instead of feeling less of yourself. You should be grateful that you have a penis at all.

10. I’ve slept with just 3 men.

Women hardly tell the truth when it comes to this. No one wants to look too timid or sound like a whore, so in most case, they low ball the number and make it sound moderate. In fact most women don’t ever exceed 3 when asked the number of people they have had sex with even when they have lost count of the number. Why do they hide the real number so much? The number may be ten or less it does not really matter, but they’ll fib and think that three is close enough.

11. I got it on sale.”

Expensive stunning things make women feel rich and sexy. and when you don’t have a budget that allows for these purchases, you may be getting yourself into problem. Of course she spends cash on goodies, clothes, makeup, jewelry and shoes—it does not really matter if it’s hers or yours. And you ask her how much she paid for those new things she just bought and she tells you that she bought them on sale. Who does not want a girl who can haggle well? She knows you are going to like her more for that reason.

12. I’m cumming!

Women often though not all the time claim to be cumming when they are not. They could say it because the imagination can make a man cum faster. In fact women are able for many reasons to cheat their way through orgasms. Sometimes they pass this information to men probably to get them to hasten up the process. Telling this white lie is one of the easiest way to break the news because it often sounds better to fib about it than to address the problem. Also, women can also lie about orgasm to save the ego of men. Our society today brings up men with the belief that it is their job to satisfy women, and if they can’t do it right their egos suffer.

13. It’s Really Good to See You


Too many women  pass this lie to men even when they would never want to see you again. Yea even when they know the truth. They might say it to sound more polite or social than they actually are or for so many other reasons known to them. But they often use falsities and untruths to make their ride a little smoother and the bottom line is that many of the women say this to men when they really mean the opposite. Maybe they really want to see you more often. But just maybe they don’t.

14. You’re my best ever

Absolutely, nobody is beyond this lie and probably all the girls have used this lie. This lie is a shorthand to keep our relationship going for the better. But if women dare open their mouth to share their latest relationship woes to anybody, I am sure It’d be exhausting and that man will run for the hills. Women hide things about men that are unacceptable to them. But the big question is: Do guys really need that much reassurance in life? Yes, they do! And funnily enough, men blindly believe this lie . Forget that you don’t ask her the number of people she has dated to place you as her best, but just hearing it is enough for you!

15. He’s just a friend

This is another lie women tell to make a really bad cheating scene look ok. Why must women always insert the word “just” when describing their relationship with another guy? That isn’t true if you ask me. Of course women often pretend other guys other than their partner is just a friend, but this is to calm your nerves so you don’t go all James Bond on them. In actuality, it might be one of her guy friends in the past that she used to hang out with all the time back in college. Okay they were friends, but when they were in their awesome moods, they were in bed bumping uglies as well, but you know, he’s only a friend, nothing serious is attached!

16. I promise I won’t get mad

This might be a little lie but it is one of the most common women tell to men. She says she is not going to get mad if you tell the truth but at the same time she is waiting to hear the truth before she gets really mad at youOnce you table the truth, it is definitely going to be a different ball game because you’ll wish you were not born.

17.I’m not the type to get jealous

This has a direct link to the “I won’t get mad” statement. I think it is just human nature to get jealous of people and things we love or we call our own. Women by nature are jealous people, so if she says she is not a jealous person and you believe her, you are as delusional as she is. Don’t ever imagine a girl is going to let one of your exes or just a friend female friend stay in your life and not care about her, then you are not thinking well! She might claim she doesn’t care, but keep in mind that she is going on Facebook at least once a week to check your side girl’s’ Facebook page and see what she is up to!

18.This was the First Time It Happened

When you catch her doing something you disapprove of, she would say that it’s the first time she’s ever done it. It might have happened a lot of times, but any day you catch her is the first time it is happening. Because she can’t look you in the eye to tell you how long it has been happening, she tells you her alternative. At least it sounds better than hearing the real number doesn’t it?