6. Petite Duplex


This simple house which has a modular design allows you to store your items in a simple and orderly fashion. Almost every feature of a normal home is present but in smaller forms.

7. Wooden Home


This is a perfect home. The only thing missing is this one is the ‘Home Sweet Home’ doormat.

8. Log House


This is a real innovation. It’s a nice way to embrace nature by falling one old tree and living in it. Building this house will be cost-effective but labor intensive.

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9. The Mega Basket


It is not always advised to put all your eggs in one basket, but there is no harm in putting all your family in one basket – this house. They will be safe and comfortable in it.

10. Box House


This is an always-carry-it-with-you home. It seems to be more of a burden than it is of a home. Maybe the interior decor is worth it after all.

11. Wood In The Woods


This is a simple and adorable home, made from woods. At least the owner didn’t import the timber he used for the house as it is already in the woods.

12. Home Upside Down


It doesn’t really matter which side of the house is up, at least not to these guys. As long as they are safe and comfortable, then it’s a house and a home.

13. Tree House


This is definitely not a permanent home, but a play house for kids or a hideout for lovers.  Unlike most tree houses, this one has a more organized and complex staircase. This is how tree houses should be.