12 World’s Most Breathtaking And Awe-Inspiring Plus Size Models

The world seems to be advancing to be more accepting of the overweight models quite unlike in the past when fashion editorials and brands take only slim tiny teeny models. So why the sudden turn of events in fashion world? Well, it’s true that no one expects those teeny tiny models to be a realistic portrayal of average women everywhere. But the models are normally so, so thin. The plus size women are now making the fashion world to acknowledge the ‘extreme sexiness’ of voluptuous women. Models who are larger than the normal modelling size are continuously busting out all over, refusing to let beauty be defined by their body sizes.

They believe that isn’t the real definition of beauty and this as a result made most women’s reality a stitch closer. Playing the big role in the fashion world is high-profile ad campaigns that can’t stop bringing focus on the excellent allurement in curvaceous women. The celebration of curves that we are witnessing right now is so important and fair enough as we’ve seen changes in tastes and body types but curves have never been more ‘in’ as it is now. And good enough bulky-body models so to say undeniably now take pride in walking confidently in their plus-sized figures. Here are 12 of the genetically gifted plus size models in the fashion world we find overly attractive,awe-inspiring as well as breathtaking.

Anansa Sims


Anansa is an American plus-size model and the daughter of model Beverly Johnson (a supermodel who in 1974 was the first African-American model on the cover of American Vogue) and record producer Danny Sims. She was no doubt born with the right DNA and is among the plus-size models hitting it big in the industry. The stunning big size model has also been involved in national campaigns for Vassarette, Kohl’s, Kmart and Forever 21. She graced the Lane Bryant show in 2011, and was in the September 2011 issue of Glamour.

Fluvia Lacerda


Fluvia Lacerda is a Brazilian plus size model. She never avoids revealing body image and how she always feels stunning her body. She believes she was born with the best body ever. She is known as “plus size Gisele Bündchen” in the fashion industry. She candidly said that she is “pretty much immune to others negativity” and doesn’t waste time regretting that she does not fit the standards imposed on her by society.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton is an American model and actress popular for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She gained prominence in fashion industry for her remarkable shape. With her huge size, she didn’t think she would someday become a high fashion model and one of the most known in the globe. Following her appearance in Sports Illustrated, she had the extended-size monopoly featuring the 10-size swimwear. She has featured in several covers of fashion magazines showing off her smooth skin and nice curves.

Well, she knows there is no point concealing her curves. She never shys away from flaunting her body. The super model controls her meal plan and more often than not sweats out some calories at the gym. But as you might expect, it  wasn’t that easy for her at first as she admits it was difficult for her to deal with ill remarks and depressing questions like ‘Is she really so fat?’ Now nonetheless she’s learned to overlook the side remarks and just bask in her present glory. In her words:

The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change. I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. It’s what God gave me!’

Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine, one of the three women who appeared on the June 2011 issue of Vogue Italia for their Curvy Issue is another extremely attractive and successful plus size model. She has also featured in several pioneering covers including the cover of the Fall 2012 issue of i-D. The sensational  model has also modeled in W, V Magazine, and German Vogue.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a 16-sized American model. She is from Lincoln, Nebraska and is known as a lingerie model for the plus-size clothing store Lane Bryant. Her smiles have been seen on the cover of Elle Quebec and has featured in different fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Latina. She is one of the most known plus-sized women. She began her modeling career at the tender age of 12 as a result feels amazingly free in the midst of slim models. Quoting her:

I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too.’

Tara Lynn


Tara Lynn is another plus-size model who leads the way in beauty. The out-sized model is undeniably stunning and gets men drooling men more than skinny models. She is famous for gracing the cover of Elle France and also for her breathtaking photoshoots spreads which appeared in Vogue Italia, CR Fashion and others. She is always sharing her thoughts about plus-size mainstream and is among stunning plus-size models who are fearlessly fighting to redefine the industry beauty standards. Her accomplishments inspire all the plus-size women around the world who are on their way to being recognized as fashion icons. In her words:

I like to believe that my pictures are used as an inspiration for girls who struggle with a poor self-image. It encourages them. I get a lot of messages from girls who tell me that looking at my pictures, or from one of my colleagues, makes them feel better and more secure in their body. They are happy to see someone they can identify with.’

Marquita Pring


Marquita Pring is another celebrity who wears clothing way bigger than the standard U.S. size 8. She is an American model who began her career at the young age of 15. She has increasingly been attracting endorsement contracts including featuring on the famous cover of Vogue Italia in June 2011 and fronting Levis and Evans. She has also graced the 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier runway show in Paris. She is proud of her size and surprised the world when she disclosed  that she actually adds padding to increase her size. The 21-year-old model of the ‘plus size world’ says:

‘It doesn’t matter what shape you have or the size you wear, whether you’re skinny or curvy, tall or short. The important thing is to be happy, to feel comfortable in your own skin and love our bodies like thin.’

Robyn Lawley


Robyn Lawley is an Australian model from the western suburbs of Sydney and one of the hottest plus size models in the world. With her countless contracts which include being among the three models on the June 2011 issue of Vogue Italiathe first plus size model to feature in a Ralph Lauren campaign in 2012, second plus-size model to cover Elle France, the first plus-size model to be shot for Australian Vogue and GQ Australia and the first Australian plus size model to be on the cover of Australia Cosmopolitan, she is possibly the most successful in the industry. She also appeared on the May 2012 cover of France’s Marie Claire. The size 12 was the first plus-size model and one of seven “rookies” featured in the 2015 swimsuit issue, as of February 2015. In her words:

I’ve got big hips and a big body. I’m double, triple the size of other models – and I embrace that – I own it.

Nadia Aboulhosn


Nadia Aboulhosn first gained fame for being the winner of American Apparel’s XL Model Search in 2011. The half-Lebanese Florida gifted-body used the opportunity to show the world that she’s got something outside a pretty face. Except modeling, Nadia runs a hugely read blog that has been listed on Lucky, The New York Times, and Refinery29The 26-year-old glossy-skinned beauty with simply voluminous hair has proven that real beauty does not depend on the anybody size you think you’ve got. The 16-sized has built her career and is now a fashion runner, TV star and modeling contracts owner. In her words:

‘But the plus industry has given me so many opportunities that I don’t ever shame it. Some people think it’s offensive to be called plus-size; other people don’t. I don’t care – you can label me what you want.’

Denise Bidot


Denise is a huge supporter of  women who have attractively curved shapes. She is a popular TV personality. She also supports the international plus-size model who exploded the fashion standards with a size 14. She participated in J Lo and Tyra Banks shows. The beautiful diva was also praised to be present on the catwalk by Anna Wintour. Her major dream is to understand the ‘plus-size’ industry and to send a worldwide message across that the beauty has just one limit which is in our heads not in our body size.

‘Being you is what defines real beauty.’

Clementine Desseaux


Clementine is a stunning rising plus size French model. She has modeled the Body Suit for American Apparel and she is also the face of the French multi brand online store Castaluna. The 18 size breathtaking model currently leaves in Miami and is signed to Brigitte Models. Her size inspires all plus size women all over the world. She says

When you don’t feel good with your body image, you think people look at you because you are fat, but I realized with time that most of them were looking at me because I was different, beautiful…

Lizzie Miller


Lizzie Miller is the next nice-looking and desirable fashion model on the list. The fashion diva in 2009 posed naked for Glamour and ended up making an editorial that got all the women in fashion world abuzz. The unedited photos depicted Lizzie portraying a tale concerning feeling comfortable in your skin. Since the release of the photo, responses rained into Glamour proving that the world has been hungry for images of normal women. The photo has also skyrocketed her career in modelling and began a tiny body image revolution that’s going strong yet has a very long way to go. She reveals:

“When I was young I really struggled with my body and how it looked because I didn’t understand why my friends were so effortlessly skinny,” Lizzi told me. “As I got older I realized that everyone’s body is different and not everyone is skinny naturally–me included! I learned to love my body for how it is, every curve of it. I used to be so self-conscious in a bikini because my stomach wasn’t perfectly defined. But everyone has different body shapes! And it’s not all about the physical! If you walk on the beach in your bikini with confidence and you feel sexy, people will see you that way too.”

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