12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Martial Artist

Choosing the right person for a relationship is essential in having a happy and long-lasting love affair. Every profession has its pros and cons when it come to love and relationships and for Martial arts, the advantages are exceeding. Martial artists are not just a bunch of skilled warriors, they are trained humans who have the capacity to blend their arts perfectly well with their relationship.

People often have this misconception about martial artists being strict and unable to show love, but the truth is men and women who practice these systems and traditions of combat practices, are well equipped for self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development. And all these things put together offer a ton of great benefits to their potential partners. Why not consider dating one and enjoy the following packages that comes with it.

1. They Are Physically & Psychologically Fit

This is an undeniable fact; people involved in the martial arts are almost always physically fit. They practice every day for nothing less than 4 hours and that is enough to keep their body in great shape. A male martial artist is endowed with six-packs and biceps and the female, strong waist and firm bust. Also, martial artists often treat their bodies like a temple and avoid things that will detract from their health.


2. They Are Better Lovers

Not only do martial artists have better stamina from being in great shape, but people in the martial arts are often much more in touch with their bodies, more balanced, more flexible, and more in tune with the bodies and reactions of others. They are sensitive to touch and know how  and where to touch their spouse to get the best result.

3. They Are Disciplined

The profession does not tolerate indiscipline as it is a skill killer. Martial artists have a high level of discipline which includes disciplining their bodies and their habits. They also learn to control their minds as well which aids their disciplinary measures. Martial artists develop power to force themselves to do things that are uncomfortable. They must continue to train even when they are tired, sore, or getting beaten. If you are bad at keeping to your diet, budget or setting goals, a martial artiste spouse will help restore discipline t your life.


4. They Have Little Or No Ego

Arrogance is actually the result of low self-confidence and insecurity and martial artists lack that trait. They believe in them self and do not need to do anything to prove a point to their spouse that they are in charge.

5. They Are Honest

Honesty, humility and respect are a characteristics of a martial artiste. They are honest to themselves, their masters and their colleges, it is therefore automatic to extend that respect to anyone they are dating.


6. They Are Faithful, Dedicated & Loyal

Martial artists often devote their lives to those closest to them. Along with their strong values comes a strong sense of belonging and responsibility for and towards those they love and care about. A martial artist sees him or herself as a tool to protect honesty, integrity, wisdom, truth, and all things good in the world. They will probably stick with you through crisis and challenges.

7. They Are Confident

People who engage in regular martial arts often carry themselves a little differently, they know their worth, male and female alike. When a person is not sure of who they are, it takes away their self-confidence, and replaces it with ego. You are sure of not having that problem when you date a martial artist.


8. They Are Better Listeners

Martial arts require a high degree of concentration and focus in order to excel in practice or competition. The same powers of concentration that allow a warrior to seize an arrow out of the air or dodge a punch allows a martial artist to be attentive to his/her partner. They offer listening ears to your problems, offer solutions to the best of their knowledge.

9. They Are Happy People

When a  man is physically and psychologically fit, he has confidence and has discipline to make him succeed in life, it is expected that he should be a happy man. Martial artists have a mastery of the act of staying happy irrespective of things going around. They learns to exist within the flow of life, and finds joy in the small and passing moments that people take for a ride.

10. They Will Protect You & Your Family


This is one of the first reasons most people who consider dating a martial artist think of. Martial artists are trained defendants, and can protect you from any attacker, armed or unarmed.

11. They Are Gentle and Slow to Anger

Martial artists are not violent people, rather they are patient, slow to anger and have inner peace. A true warrior doesn’t go around provoking fights or arguments, just because he can fight, but avoids agitation and confrontation at all times. This is not to say they don’t get angry, they have learnt to control their anger and are not likely to shout at their partner.

12. They Live Long


Having an active and happy life makes it easier for a martial artist to live longer than his/her age mates in other profession. So if you are lucky to date a martial artiste, and the relationship gets to another level, be rest assured that your spouse is going to be around longer than you think, and you won’t be mourning the love of your life anytime soon.

Amira Daniel
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