12 Most Insane Tattoos Of All Time!

Some decades ago, good girls and boys didn’t do this. Good girls and boys didn’t walk into an establishment to plaster their bodies with dragons and flames or other related images. Just a few who were confident enough to be seen as bad people had to hike their dresses up to let their bodies be injected with ink. Most art lovers and even tattoo fans prefer rather to hang their art on the wall contrary to putting them on their bodies those days. But the world’s idea about tattoo has rapidly changed and so have tattoo fans. Tattoos are now mainstream and  people no longer give too much thought to what other people think of their styles.

While some tattoo fans do all they can to pass some messages about their ideologies, images and beliefs by making their tattoo unique, desirable, and beautiful, some others have gone too extreme in sending their own message. Such kind of people go as far as modifying their whole body with inks in the name of artistically reflecting their ideas or image that they believe in. And those are the kinds that when we come across their very insane tattoos, we can’t help but wonder “What in the world were they thinking? while staring in shock and thinking how someone could decide to tattoo themselves with such an insane or ridiculous tattoo. These 12 tattoos are those kind of craziest tattoos of all time:

Lizard Man

Erik Sprague best known as “The Lizard Man” had to undergo several extreme body modifications in a bid to look just like a lizard. From tattooing his whole body like a lizard, to teeth-shaving, sub-dermal silicone transplants and tongue bifurcation surgery. As depressing as this story may seem, there is a compensating quality to it, and it’s that the Lizard man makes a living from his strange look, as a carnival freak.

Dolphin Stump Tattoo


People use their bodies to express their concept by marking them with designs that suit their concept in the name of tattoos. And this guy has dedicated his body to a tattoo of dolphin. To him, it is best to ink this awkward-looking dolphin tattoo portraying what seems like his stump of an arm as the dolphin’s rostrum (beak) than leaving a senseless stump. This tattoo, as depressing or worrying as it looks, wins its wearer points for its use than wearing a pointless stump. But by visual attractiveness, this tattoo shows another level of animal cruelty.

Boobs Got Fully Tattooed


This British woman (Isobel Varley) probably spent years inking 93% of her body in what appears to be an intricate floral design. Of course both her and her completely tattooed body look old enough to measure up the time that was spent doing it. Note that the only areas that she didn’t completely tattoo are her face, the soles of her feet, her ears and some area on her hands. While this work of art may be adorable and may have won her the Guinness world record for the most tattooed senior citizen at 75 years old, it is very shocking to realize how much time, money and pain was invested to get to this. Well, this is likely the first pair of a granny’s boobs you’ve ever seen fully covered with tattoo. And – most likely– the very last you would ever see.

Cranial Scrapbook

This guy didn’t only tattoo his head but had to extend it to even his face. And the striking thing is that he inked varieties of tattoos all into one hardcore cranial scrapbook of ink mixing portraiture, tribal tattoo and different other designs.

Fully-Tattooed Shaven Head

This is still Isobel but in a rather close up photo. The head tattoo shows a skull that is fully covered with tattoos in a colorful floral design that portrays ejaculating penises rather than flowers! What eye-catching species of vine is this? The old woman sure knows how to keep it classy.

Cat Woman


This extreme face tattoo looks exactly like a Halloween costume but a permanent one. Even though this face may look like a threat, having injected the whole of the face with ink, the wearer thinks nothing can be cooler than this and is confident enough to wear it for life.


Tongue tattoo may sound impossible but certainly not for this person that tattooed the whole of her tongue. Though it is still a mystery many are yet to figure out, many others find it stunning. But have you thought of the pain of sticking your tongue out on end for too long and having it punctured by a needle? If you think this factor is worth the sacrifice then you can give it a try.

Extreme Face Tattoo:

This guy undeniably had three aims in mind when he decided to ink his face like a goblin; To get children scared, to never be hired by any gainful employer and lastly to never make love again.

Cranial Tattoo:


Cranial tattoos are now becoming popular, normally curving around the ear. But this absurdly undesirable one tries to portray its wearer’s brains inside a bloody, open hole in his head. In actuality, the striking cranial tattoo entails that the wearer has no brains.

Manga-Style Baby Tattoo

This lady opted to have a tattoo of a manga-style baby with claws for hands. The portrait is somewhat disturbing even if it wasn’t inked on her lady part – where it gives creepier meanings. Just picture heading back to your apartment from club with a girl from club and suddenly you find out she has this piece of pubic art in bed. Weird! What’s more strange is that the baby’s genitals are cleverly “concealed” by the same underwear that the woman herself wears.

Cranial Tattoo


Here is another extreme and crazy cranial tattoo which the wearer deems cool. This man injected ink into his head to depict another more scary skull. Perhaps he wants to tell us that a deadlier man replaces his brain.

Colorful Face Tattoo:


This man dedicated his face to looking colorful by inking his entire face including his ears with colorful tattoo. We hope the tattoo fulfilled exactly what he wanted.

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