New Taipei is the most populous city in Taiwan, located at the northern part of Taiwan. Before we get confused, New Taipei is not the same as Taipei city, it is merely an extension of Taipei city which is the capital of Taiwan. New Taipei has carved out a niche for itself in Taiwan, it is not just the most populous city in Taiwan, but has also grown to become one of the major tourist destinations, having lots of sightseeing locations, and a very efficient transportation system for all and sundry. Most of their lifestyles can be traced back to their historical past, making new innovations but not forgetting where they came from.

The government has built several museums all around the city, displaying their rich culture for all to see. There are lots of shopping malls all around the city, parks, beautiful streets and structures. There is a good road and rail network that makes for very easy movement around the city. We have the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), the Red Line, the Blue Line, the Orange Line, or the Green Line; all these are means of transportation in New Taipei,  their high-speed rail is also available. In fact, New Taipei is such a wonderful place to be. Here are some amazing pictures of New Taipei that will interest you.

Bitan Scenic Area

Sanxia Old Street

Taipei MRT-Tamsui Line

Yingge Ceramic Museum

Teresa Teng Memorial Park

Fu Jen Catholic University

New Taipei Bridge


Taipei City Hall

Bali Bike Trail

Jinshan Hot Spring

Banqiao District


I bet you didn’t know that New Taipei can be so beautiful. Feel free to take a tour and see these places for yourself, it is a life changing experience.

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