100 Thieves Net Worth: How Valuable is Nadeshot’s Gaming Organization?

A professional gaming company and lifestyle brand, 100 Thieves has been able to achieve a net worth estimated at $125 million in just a few years of existence and they are not resting on the oars. The company has the vision to become a global gaming and lifestyle brand and they have made several expensive investments to see this through.

These investments include launching a 15,000 square foot esports training compound and headquarters, as well as sponsoring franchises in various leagues in the U.S. Such grand moves have motivated many who realize that esports’ future is promising to buy into the company’s vision. They include the likes of superstar rapper, Drake, and Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, Dan Gilbert.

Breaking Down the Sources of 100 Thieves’ $125 Million Net Worth

The renowned esports company has a net worth estimated at $125 million. 100 Thieves makes its money from several sources including its investment and apparel line.

The Company Raised about $60 Million from Investors

An important source of revenue for 100 Thieves is the series of funding rounds they have conducted over the years. The company raised about $25 million in its first funding round conducted in October 2018. By July 2019, they conducted an even more lucrative funding round which saw them raise about $35 million from investors. 100 Thieves’ attractiveness to investors has been attributed to the bright future that esports has, thanks to a massive legion of young fans. This fact means that wealthy people are scrambling to buy into the market and 100 Thieves have benefited from this.

The company is not wasteful though but use the funds raised to enter their teams into various competitions such as Call of Duty League and League of Legend Championship Series, which cost millions of dollars. They have also splashed out cash in order to sign better players from other teams and improve their performance. For instance, in November 2020, 100 Thieves reached a verbal agreement with the Golden Guardians to purchase two of their players – FBI and Closer.

They Have Won Millions of Dollars in Prize Monies

Another major source that contributes to 100 Thieves’ net worth is their prize winnings. Since its formation in 2017, the company has fielded teams in various competitive video game leagues. They include Call of Duty, League of Legend, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and Valorant.

These teams have performed quite well in the various tournaments, pocketing various prize monies in the process. They include Call of Duty ($665,625), League of Legends ($225,125) Fortnite ($3 million), and Counter-Strike Global Offensive ($185,500). In all, 100 Thieves has won over $4.07 million in prize monies to date.

100 Thieves’ Apparel Line Made $500,000 Within Five Minutes of Release in July 2019

100 Thieves is much more than just a gaming company and one fact that proves it is their burgeoning apparel division. The company has one of the hottest apparel collections known as Numbers.

Even though some people regard it as a waste of money, it sells out like hotcakes. For instance, the limited collection of tops, bottoms, outwear, and headwear that dropped in July 2019 generated $500k in sales within just five minutes. Such figures are obviously encouraging and have motivated the brand to move beyond the online store and establish a physical store at their headquarters in 2020.

The Company Has a Thriving YouTube Channel and Podcast

Another reason behind the impressive net worth of the 100 Thieves organization is their social media division. The company has a thriving Youtube channel that focuses on gaming as well as other related content. The channel boasts of over a million subscribers and their content has been viewed about 98.4 million times.

On the podcast front, the company has two chart-topping podcasts, including 100 Talk. The podcasts have amassed a legion of fans and notched several awards. All of these of course means money running into the six and seven figures.

How Much Money Does 100 Thieves Make?

Given all the facets of their operation, 100 Thieves obviously makes tens of thousands of dollars each day which translates into hundreds of thousands each week and tens of millions each year.

This gross revenue comes from the sale of their popular apparel line, income from YouTube channels and podcasts, as well as prize winnings from the various esports tournaments they have dominated in recent years.

A Recap of How the Gaming Company Accumulated Its Net Worth 

  • External Investments – $60 Million
  • Apparel Line – $1 million est.
  • Prize winnings – $4.07 million
  • Social media channels – N/A

Meet the Owner of 100 Thieves

100 Thieves is the brainchild of renowned Call of Duty player and YouTube star, Nadeshot (Matthew Haag). The young man used his winnings to start the company in 2017 and was able to take it to such an appreciable height that by 2018, several investors bought into the company.

That trend has continued to date and the brand now has several owners of varying percentages including Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, and Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, Dan Gilbert. Others are Marc Benioff, Drew Houston, and Sequoia Capital.

Does Drake Own the Company?

Canadian superstar rapper, Drake, is not the owner of 100 Thieves but one of the owners. The rapper has always been a big fan of gaming, he once played Fortnite Battle Royale with the popular streamer, Ninja, and he bought into Nadeshot’s vision in October 2018.

Nadeshot was excited to have Drake as a business partner and there has been no official word on the exact amount the rapper invested, but it should be in the seven figures region as he is one of the major owners of the organization.

Where Is the 100 Thieves House and Who Lives in it?

Remember that first-of-its-kind headquarters that 100 Thieves unveiled in 2020? Well, it is located in Culver City, California, and measures 15,000 square feet. It features about four different game training rooms. There are also other facilities such as a lounge, basketball court, and a content studio.

The headquarters was financed in partnership with mobile payment company, Cash App, and reportedly cost $35 million. Gamers don’t live in the compound but only use it for training and then go back to their various homes at the end of the day.

This is to reduce the inevitable fiction that will arise if they work and live together. The only people that live in the 100 Thieves house are Nadeshot and other content creators such as CouRageJD and BrookeAB

Here are the Members of the Company

100 Thieves runs an extensive operation comprising of about 30 staff, 30 players, as well as content creators.

100 Thieves Call of Duty Team

  • Kenny
  • SlasheR
  • TJHaly
  • Tommey
  • Drazah

Fortnite Battle Royale Team

  • Ceice
  • Arkhram
  • MrSavage
  • Rehx
  • Elevate
  • Falconer

League of Legends Team

  • Huhi
  • Zikz
  • Freeze
  • JungleJuice
  • Kaimera
  • Tenacity

Content creators for social media include the likes of BrookeAB, Classify, CouRageJD, Avalanche, Valkyrae, Yassuo, Froste, and Mako. Nadeshot is the CEO of the company while the VP of brand and Apparell is Doug Barber.


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