10 Richest People of All Time [Infographic]

The world is facing enormous economic growth, individuals sprouting with great wealth enough to settle the financial budget of a whole country. But it will shock you to know that none of these wealthiest folks of our time is yet to measure up to the wealthiest people of old.

We will share with you here an infographic depicting the wealthiest people the world ever had. Here we will give you some shocking truths, the first is this: Tracing down to our time, it’s shocking to know that the world’s wealth happens to still be majorly concentrated in the United States. It will also interest you to know that some of these wealthiest people of old have the total wealth of three wealthiest people of our time. Let’s take for instance John D. Rockefeller who happens to occupy the fourth richest person in our infographic has the net worth of $341 billion which is over the net worth of three wealthiest people in our 21st century (Bill Gates whose net worth is $79.2 billion, Carlos Slim Helu whose net worth is $77.1 billion and Warren Buffett whose net worth is $72.7 billion totalling $229 billion). It will surprise you to discover that  Amancio Ortega Gaona who is the tenth richest man in this infographic has the net worth that is far above the total wealth of Africa’s richest people put together.

Bill Gates remains the richest man of our time but his challenge is meeting up with the wealth of these mega-rich people. Take a look at this interesting infographic, number one on the list will make your jaw drop!


Chika Udeh
Chika Udeh
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