List of 10 Poorest Third World Countries With Their GDP Per Capita

The world is rich enough for everyone and every country to have enough for as long as the world will continue to exist. But then, only less than a percent of the population of the individuals of the world control close to fifty percent of the wealth therein, and only a few countries have as much wealth as they need while many others are struggling to get by. The case with the poorest third world countries is worse as they continue to languish in debt, inflation, and uncertainties.

When talking about the richest countries in the world, one is more likely to start with powerhouses like the United States, UK, China, Russia, and Germany. Based on rankings, however, the richest countries in the world are Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, and Qatar before the United States. A look at the ranking of the 10 poorest third world countries shows they are all African nations and they have an average GDP of $1,275.

Poorest Third World Countries

1. Burundi

Poorest Third World Countries
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Population: Over 11 million

GDP Per Capita: $727

This East African country with a population of more than 11 million is the poorest country in the world. The country has been plagued by ethnic conflict and civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi. Another problem it has faced is that of a poor political system; the president of the country, Pierre Nkurunziza is a former rebel leader who has remained in power for three tenures. His recent election which was very controversial held in 2018.

As a result of the political issues in the country, it lost the funding of the European Union which was its largest donor in 2016. Burundi found itself in recession in 2016.

2. The Central African Republic

Poorest Third World Countries
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Population: Over 4.8 million

GDP Per Capita: $746

This country is among those that have maintained their places in the poorest countries ranking for a while. The CAR has a population of more than 4.6 million people. Unfortunately, it has also suffered from a civil war that has been on since 2012. Before that, it also survived a previous war that lasted from 2004 to 2007 when a peace treaty was signed.

It has a very significant amount of natural resources, but that is not enough to stop it from becoming one of the worst countries in human development as well as the worst to be a young person in. Generally, the institutions of the country are questionable including the education system. The country has more than half of its adult population as illiterates.

3. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Population: Over 81 million

GDP Per Capita: $791

Yet another Central African country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is among the largest countries in the world and hit has a population of more than 81 million. The country has seen many dark days as a result of conflicts that have simply refused to end.

As of 2015, citizens of the country were averaging $394.25 dollars a year, which is significantly below Qatar in which the citizens are making an average of $105,091.42 a year.

Although the unrest in the country has contributed to why the country is as poor as it is, DR Congo was a poor country even before the war. To compound its woes, it has been battling diseases including Ebola. Other major diseases in the country are cholera, malaria, polio, and typhoid fever among many others. Food security issues and water shortages due to the collapse of the right institutions due to the instability in the country.

4. Malawi

Third world countries
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Population:18 million

GDP Per Capita: $ 1,234

With a population of close to 20 million people, Malawi sits at in the south-eastern part of Africa. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa and although it has made some strides in economic and political reforms, it still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. It is one of the few countries on the list that has maintained some level of stability.

Since 2010, it has continued to see its GDP per capita rising consistently, even though slowly. From a $975 in 2010, it went to $1,234 in 2019 and as it stands, it is projected to be heading for $1,580 by 2024. The growth the country is experiencing is thanks to the political stability it has managed to maintain when compared to many other African countries.

5. Niger

Poorest Third World Countries
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Population: Over 21 Million

GDP Per Capita: $1,280

Niger Republic has a population of more than 21 million people. With 80% of the landlock covered by the Sahara desert and a population is growing rapidly. The country has issues of food security as well as illnesses and a lack of basic services.

Another major problem that the country has grappled with is that of insecurity with Boko Haram from neighboring Nigeria already causing problems for the country and ISIS also having a stay there.

6. Mozambique

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Population: Almost 30 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,331

One of the three countries in Africa to be colonized by Portugal, Mozambique lies in Southeast Africa. It is yet another country that has so many potentials but is still found among the poorest countries in the world. Unlike Niger, the country is blessed with good land and water, as well as various natural resources with more still being discovered.

With a population walking towards 30 million, the GDP of Mozambique has been growing in the past five years by 5%, but that has not so much improved the lives of its people neither has it seen it breaking out of the group of the poorest third world countries.

In 1992, the country saw the end of a civil war that lasted 15 years, but instability in the polity and excess corruption of leaders have not done much to improve the fortunes of the country.

7. Liberia

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Population: Over 5 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,413

It may be the oldest country in Africa, but it has also remained one of the poorest developing countries in the world for a very long time. The country has endured a lot of things from a civil war that lasted a long time to a political system that has been unable to gain the trust of the people. More so, it suffered a major Ebola epidemic in 2014.

Since the emergence of George Weah as the president of the country in 2017, there have been high hopes on the part of the people. However, with very slow progress, the faith in the government is on a slow decline with the patience of the people.

8. South Sudan

South Sudan
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Population: Over 12 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,613

Birthed on July 9, 2011, South Sudan is the youngest country in Africa and at the same time, it has a very long history. It was formed after a protracted civil war which was the longest-running war that Africa had seen with Sudan.

Unfortunately for the new country, even after it secured its independence, the conflict has not stopped, making it hard for the fortunes of the country to take a good turn. The country began another war in 2013 which has displaced more than 4.3 million people while more than 400,000 have lost their lives.

Thanks to its abundant oil, South Sudan has the potentials of becoming a financially stable country but because of its war and falling commodity prices, things are not looking very good for the country.

9. Comoros

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Population: Close to 1 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,662

So many people all around the world wouldn’t mind going on vacation to this small African nation that is found close to the Indian Ocean, It has great forest vegetation and pristine beaches that make it nothing short of a paradise. But that is where it ends.

The country which sits right close to another country that appears on the list, Mozambique, gained its independence from France in 1974. Unfortunately, this did not translate to many good things for the country as it soon found itself in a long period of political uncertainty that forced many to flee from the country. For now, the country is still stuck in political uncertainty, making it hard for the people to fully trust the political system.

In addition to that, while a majority of the people who are low skilled are into subsistent agriculture and fishing, its lava-encrusted soil does not make agriculture a thriving venture there. Things like forestry and tourism become the backbone of the country’s economy even as it depends greatly on foreign aid.

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10. Madagascar

Poorest Third World Countries
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Population: Over 25 million

GDP Per Capita: $1,698

Madagascar is another country that is a holiday destination for a lot of people. One of the largest islands in the world, this country which is located in East Africa and it boasts of a very rich tourism sector and extravagant wildlife.

That said, apart from tourism, what the country depends on is Agriculture. Unfortunately, weather-related issues have made it hard for the sector to thrive, keeping it among the poorest developing countries in the world.

After it gained independence in 1960 from France, the country was faced with violent coups and political instability. Of recent, things have started improving in the country although it is still far from any significant development. Even with that, the political instability in the country still exists to some extent as elections are still yet to be free and fair.

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