Top 14 Highest Paid Authors In The World 2016

Top 14 Highest Paid Authors In The World

What makes a movie a blockbuster isn’t just the amount spent on production or the star-studded actors but also and most importantly the story line of the movie which are products of the incredibly imaginative minds of authors. While authors have been selling their scribes long before the existence of TV screens, it is no doubt that movie adaptations help sour their book sales as well as make them popular among non-book/movie fans. The rags to riches story of British scribe J.K Rowling is a typical example. Forbes conducted an annual survey on the world’s authors from book sales and movie adaptation to come up with their earnings from their usual 1 June 2015 – 1 June 2016 scoring period. The top 14 authors earned a combined $269 million pretax. From Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code to George R. R Martin’s Game of Thrones these are the Top 14 World’s Highest Paid Authors 2016.

14. Dan Brown

Earnings: $9.5 million

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the man behind The Da Vinci Code which was published in 2003 and adapted into a thriller movie in 2006. He looks to increase his fan base with the young adult version to be released in September.

13. Rick Riordan

Earnings: $9.5 million

Rick Riordan

The fantasy and mythology author keeps making it to the highest-paid list thanks to his very successful Percy Jackson & the Olympians series which has been adapted by 20th Century Fox into series films. After penning his first full length book Big Red Tequila (1997), Riordan got his big break with the first of the Percy Jackson pentalogy “The Lightening Thief” (2005). His recent series work includes The Trials of Apollo series.

12. George R. R Martin

Earnings: $9.5 million

George R. R Martin

Who isn’t watching Game of Thrones? Let me take a time out to say “Shame” lol! The much loved and widely acclaimed series was possible thanks to George Martin’s novel “A Song of Ice And Fire” which he spent 5 years writing. He has received 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series as the co executive producer of the HBO series. The series won a total of 12 Emmys in 2016, and 7 of those went to the Season 6 episode “Battle of The Bastards” a record number for any episode of a TV series. GOT will be concluded in the 8th season but there are rumors for a spin-off.

11. Paula Hawkins

Earnings: $10 million

Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins makes her debut on the highest-paid list thanks to the sales of her “The Girl On the Train” which totaled over 11 million copies worldwide. The British journalists turned author stands to make more when the adaptation of her page-turner whose rights were in 2014 bought by DreamWorks hits the big screens in October 2016. At the time of writing “The Girl On the Train”, Hawkins was reportedly broke and had to borrow money from her father to complete the book.


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