Tom Brady Net Worth: How Much is Tom Brady Worth

Tom Brady Net Worth

Tom Brady is an American football quarterback who has a net worth estimated at $180 million.

Tom Brady Net Worth: The Foundation

Brady comes from a family of sports fanatics. He was a huge fan of the 49ers. Tom began to play football in high school and continued in college. His professional career began when he was chosen as the 199th pick in the 2000 draft by the New England Patriots in the sixth round.

Thomas Edward was taught to be resilient by his father, Tom Senior. Senior introduced him to golf at age 3. Before Tommy became a pro player for NFL, he had been drafted as a major league Baseball Catcher by the Montreal Expos.

Tom Brady Net Worth: How he makes his money


Brady’s annual salary is $31.3 million (Forbes). Most of his net worth comes from football. He has won the Super bowl 4 times playing for the New England Patriots. He has been named Super Bowl MVP thrice. The first time he was only 24. In 2010, he signed a 4 year contract extension worth $72 million, making him the highest paid player in the NFL.

Tom Brady Net Worth

He also signed another contract extension with the Patriots, worth $30 million. He will therefore play for them up to the 2017 season. Brady actually took a market deal that was lower than his market worth, an action he has been lauded for. Brady has a deal worth $9 million for 2017 and $10 million in 2018. Brady plans to play into his 40s.

Earnings from endorsements

When not playing football, Brady has some dollars flowing in from endorsements. Some of the companies that have endorsed him include: Under Armor, Uggs, and Movado. He makes around $7 million annually from these endorsements.

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Tom Brady Net Worth: How He Spends His Millions


One of the ways Brady spends his millions is by building his own mansion from scratch. In 2009, around the time he was dating super model Gisele Bundchen, Brady bought a 4 acre piece in Brentwood California and began building on it, Three years later in 2012, he had completed the building of a massive 14,317-square-foot eco-mansion. The mansion includes 6 bedrooms, a fully-equipped gym with custom-made wrought-iron monkey bars, an outdoor kitchen, an infinity pool complete with cabana and a pond onsite complete with waterfall. However, in 2014 after living in the house for barely 2 years, he sold it to record producer Dr. Dre for $40 million.

Tom Brady Net Worth

Brady then had another house custom-built for him ona 5.2 acre land he bought for $4.5 million in Boston. The house located near the very exclusive Brookline Country club measures over 14,000 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms with a master suite with his and hers closet, 4 bathrooms, gym, library with balcony, a motor court, wine cellar, kitchen with pantry, and sun room. The Boston mansion is valued at $40 million. Brady also owns a sprawling co-op in Manhattan, New York.

Charity work

Brady helps to make the world a better place. He supports a number of charities, for instance, Best Buddies International, Boys &Girls Club America, Entertainment Industry Foundation, and KaBOOM!

Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Net Worth

Brady’s wife Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, has been topping the list of the worlds’ highest-paid models for 9 years and counting. She is worth a whopping $360 million bringing their combined net worth to $540 million.

Deflategate Scandal And Divorce Rumors

There have been rumors about Brady’s split with his long time flame stemming from the Deflategate scandal. The scandal accuses Brady of tampering with the 2015 A.F.C. championship game ball. In addition to the alleged effect on his marriage, the scandal is also threatening to his career. However, about the divorce rumors, the pair have stated in interviews that if anything the problem makes them stronger. After a prolonged 18-month legal battle Brady in August 2016 gave in to a four-match ban. This could have a negative effect on his earnings from the pitch as well as his endorsement deals.


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