Tired Of Your Old Boring Couch? This 24k Gold “Skull” Armchair Can Be Yours For $500k


This 24-karat gold skull armchair might just be one of the most horrifying yet luxurious armchairs you’ve ever seen. According to the maker, Harold Sangouard (also Harow), the function of the chair is to “establish its dominion” which we think makes it the perfect throne for a tyrant or a villain. Having its giant gold skull design at the back makes it even more evil. So imagine its villain owner seated backing a crowd of frightened people, allowing the skull head to serve as his face as he passes a warning message across to them. Haha! Scary Stuff.

Handcrafted in Paris, the chair has its internal structure made of steel while the skull face is carved out from reinforced fiberglass which is in turn coated with 24-karat gold. The siting area features a black luxury velvet, which also plays a role in making the skull hideous by providing a black contrast, giving the gaping eye of the skull a darker shade. The chair’s dimensions are; length- 121 cm, width- 102 cm, height- 102 cm and weight- 48 kg.

Gold skull armchair by harow

Wondering the exact person who would fit perfectly into this chair? How about Donald Trump? According to Luxurylaunches the chair would be “perfect for the eccentric Donald Trump” and we couldn’t agree more. We can imagine him seated on it in the oval room as he constantly wards off and yells at anyone who may or may not have offended him, that of course can only be possible if he eventually makes it pass all the other contenders in the 2016 race for the white house.


The billionaire lovers of this luxurious lair can head to Harows to make a purchase which would set them back a meager $500,000, we suggest they hurry as it was created in limited edition.

For those who admire the fancy skull chair but can’t quite afford the gold model, no worries, the Paris designer made a black model with a glossy black finish, which looks just as “exquisite” as the gold model.

Skull armchair Harow


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