The Prices On These 12 Most Expensive Meals In The World Right Now Will Leave Your Mouth Agape

12 Most Expensive Meals In The World

How much can you actually drop for a meal? $2, $5 or maybe $10? If your meal budget falls in the prices mentioned then be prepared for a surprise when you learn about the outrageous prices on the prix fixe menus offered in deluxe restaurants of the world. Like we said, the prices are for prix fixe menus which could number up to a whopping 30-course tasting, yes 30! Plus you get to savour them in the best of destinations which offer breathtaking views and even virtual reality, (hello Sublimotion). However, no matter how mouth-watering, eyeful and tantalizing these meals are, the bills would get even the most enthusiastic foodie contemplating on the order and reservation, but for those with pockets heavier than the entire courses put together, prepare for a culinary journey of a lifetime. Beginning from the least expensive, these are the 12 most expensive meals in the world, originally compiled by Karla Alindahao of Forbes.

12. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York

Bill: $306 each person

The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York

The chef-in-charge of this 18-seat, three-Michelin-starred restaurant is César Ramirez, his 15-plus-course tasting menu inspired by French technique and Japanese cuisine changes every single day. The restaurant is the only three-Michelin-starred in Brooklyn which makes it one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation. Wash down your meals with your choice of wine from his massive 3,000-bottle wine cellar. Reserve here.

11. Per Se, Time Warner Center, Manhattan, New York

Bill: $325 each person

Per Se

Judging from the review of New York Times’ Critic Pete Wells, maybe Per Se shouldn’t be on this list after Wells described them as being among “the worst food deals in New York”, but there was a time when the restaurant got a 4-star rating from the Times, so it’s either chef Thomas Keller was having problems with his mojo that day, or maybe he’s completely lost it and needs to appease the gods. However, for those who don’t mind what Wells thinks, and have absolute confidence in chef Keller, the $325 price tag above is for a nine-course prix fixe menu which includes his signature oyster and pearls.

10. La Maison Pic, Valence, France

Bill: $350 each person

Maison Pic 1

With no prior formal training in cooking, Anne Sophie Pic became the fourth woman in the world to receive a three-Michelin-star, a feat she accomplished in 2007 when running her late fathers restaurant in Valence. However, not that she really needed the formal training, both her dad and grand-dad were decorated chefs, so it’s kind of like a family thing. Dining at the fine Maison Pic which is also part of Relais & Chateau hotel will set you back $350. Prepare to excite your bowels with Mediterranean rouget in a saffron broth and deer marinated in sake lees. Pic also owns an eponymous restaurant in Switzerland which have received two Michelin stars.

9. Urasawa, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills California

Bill: $395 each person

Urasawa, Beverly Hills California

Master Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa is among the best Japanese chefs in America. In addition to his eyeful, mouth watering dishes which pays much attention to details, dining in Urasawa is intimate, offering all the secrecy you need as it only seats 10, a feature that makes it quite hard to get a table. The whopping 30-course dining at Urasawa goes for a fair $395 excluding drinks. There is also an omakase menu that changes each day.

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