Kobe Bryant Net Worth: How Much is Kobe Bryant Worth

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America’s Black Mamba, Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the highest paid basketball players. His net worth is $320 million. He followed his father’s footsteps, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers.

His success began in high school when he led them to win the state championship, something that had not happened in 53 years. Foregoing college, he was originally drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. He however opted to join the NBA and began to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Together with Shaquille O’Neal, they made the Lakers win the NBA championships for 3 consecutive years: 2000-2002. Bryant also led the Lakers to other wins in 2009 and 2010.

Kobe Bryant Net Worth: His earnings

Kobe has been earning from the NBA since he was 18. He first signed a 3-year contract deal for $3.5 million and later a 6-year extension worth $70 million. Kobe earns an annual salary of $23.5 million and so far in his NBA career, he has earned roughly $250 million. His endorsement deals bring in even more money, with the biggest so far with Nike. Others include Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola and Smart Car.

How Kobe makes more money from other businesses

Kobe is also an investor. His Kobe Inc company invested around $6 million to buy over 10% stake of BodyArmor, an energy drink company.

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Charity work

The number 24 guard also has a philanthropic imprint. He has partnered with After-School All-Stars, which is part of the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation. Kobe also runs the Kobe Basketball Academy, an annual summer camp.


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One of the ways that Bryant could have boosted his net worth was via music. Sony Entertainment had signed him and his high school band, CHEIZAW but unfortunately, after the single was performed during an NBA event, it was never received well. This was definitely the end of Kobe’s short musical career.

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The Divorce

Unfortunately, Bryant’s divorce took a toll on his net worth. His wife Vanessa possessed three mansions in Newport Beach, California which are worth $18.8 million. The settlement is said to be not more than $150,000 as they had no prenup. However every bad blood between the former lovers have been long flushed out.

The future of Kobe Bryant’s net worth

Bryant is moving from endorsements to becoming a part of businesses. After buying part of BodyArmor, Bryant sits on the brand’s board of directors and focuses on marketing and branding the sports drink, a move that will indeed help when he finally retires.


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