Kim Kardashian Net Worth: How Much is Kim Kardashian Worth

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American reality television and social media personality, socialite, actress, and model with a net worth of $85 million.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth: Brief History

Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA. The star now goes by the name Kim Kardashian West, a name she adopted after marrying rapper Kanye West, in 2014.

Kim Kardashian started her career as an assistant and stylist to recording artist Brandy Norwood. She rose to fame after the sex tape scandal that involved her and singer Ray J. Kim made a fortune from the sex tape and further capitalized on it to gain more popularity.

kim kardashian net worth

Kim Kardashian Net worth: Source

The 34-year-old has been working hard as her net worth has been constantly increasing. Kim is one of the most famous, successful, and richest female celebrities in the show biz. So what has she been doing to earn herself such impressive figures? In other words, where did the $85 million come from?

Kim has built an extended line of businesses ranging from cosmetics, clothing lines, and weight loss products, among others. On top of that, she also cashes in just by making appearances to events, from her reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and its spin-offs, social media, etcetera.

Kim also recently ventured into book writing and penned her first book “Selfie” which apparently has attributed to her net worth. Another venture that she owes her wealth is her video game ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’.


So now that you know where she gets her success from, let’s take a look at just how much she banks from the businesses.

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Kim Kardashian Net worth: Earnings

Kim makes about $40,000 per episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. In 4-year, $100 million contract signed with E! in 2015, it was reveled that Kim takes home $15 million and could earn additional $5 million should hubby Kanye appear on the show.


Like earlier mentioned, social media activities also contribute to her net worth. The ever sultry Kim makes $10,000 per tweet. Wait a minute, how many tweets do you have? Imagine if you were Kim, now do the math. Beautiful figure isn’t it? The next time you follow her, remember, you are making her richer. Kim has over 20 million twitter followers alone, if you take into account her Instagram followers, the figure is even more.

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Her “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game contributes a huge percentage (40%) to her $85 million net worth net worth. The game reportedly made $1.6 million less than a week after its launch. Afterwards it gained popularity and successfully made almost $43.4 million in its third quarter. In 2015 it grossed $72 million. Feel free to call her a techpreneur.

Apart from all that, Kim’s infamous sex tape with Ray J has grossed about $50 million since and we hear she still receives royalties from it.

However, Kim Kardashian’s net worth has received different reactions as others are claiming that the $85 million net worth is not certain. Forbes magazine revealed that the self-made millionaire made about $52 million between 2015 and 2016.

Kim Kardashian Net worth: Properties And Spending

Kim is the definition of shopaholic but still claims she isn’t a big spender. Can’t blame her, can u? What you consider big could be a chicken feed to her. Kim in 2014 bought a 325,000 white Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.

kim kardashian net worth

If you’ve been following the star, you’d realize her weddings are always a fortune hub. Her both weddings featured on our list of 30 Most Expensive Celebrity WeddingsAlso, her two engagement rings are among the most expensive in the world. Her first  wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries grossed $10 million and the second to rapper Kanye West, $30 million. Her gown for the second wedding was priced at almost half a million dollars. She also wore a $2.5 million 65 carat diamond headpiece, $5 million earrings, among other jewelries.

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Kim and Kanye aka Kimye have two kids, North West and Saint West. Together with her husband, the West-Kardashian family boast a combined net worth of $230 million. They live in a 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansion in Hidden Hills, California which they bought for about $20 million.

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