Here Are The Top 10 Highest Paid Baseball Players 2016

highest paid baseball players

Like every other highest-paid sports list we’ve published, The Major League Baseball is also a beneficiary of highly lucrative TV deals as a result of the increasing popularity and growing interest in the game. Back in the day, baseball players were paid peanuts, but that has changed over the years as the MLB have long been experiencing an exponential growth. The highest-paid baseball player in 2014 received $23 million, but just two years later, that figure has surged to $33 million. The top 10 highest paid baseball players 2016 will make a combined $282 million from salaries, endorsements and other incentives which is 6% higher than last year earnings, Forbes says. Without a salary cap but with a luxury tax, 36 MLB players will earn at least $20 million this season, that number dwarfs every other American sport, next up is the NFL with 11 of its players earning $20 million in salary and then the NBA with 10. Coming top on the highest-paid baseball players list for the second year in a row is Clayton Kershaw, read further to discover those that follow behind;

10. Ryan Howard

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Position: First Baseman

Earnings: $25.6 million

highest paid baseball players 2016

Howard is currently serving the last year of the $125 million five year contract he signed with the Phillies in 2012. $600,000 of his total earnings come from endorsement deals with Lojo sports, New Balance and Franklin.

9. CC Sabathia

Team: New York Yankees

Position: Starting Pitcher

Earnings: $25.7 million

CC Sabathia

2009’s highest paid pitcher, Sabathia is also in the last year of his five-year $122 million contract with the Yankees. CC is one of the most durable pitchers in the MLB with an average 200 innings pitched per season, but his effectiveness has gradually waned for the past few seasons. A recent left-shoulder injury has also worsened his performance and threatened to place him in the DL. CC’s endorsement with Nike air Jordan nets him $700,000.

8. Josh Hamilton

Team: Texas Rangers

Position: Outfielder

Earnings: $26.2 million

highest paid baseball players 2016


Following a rusty performance and controversies surrounding his drug use, LA Angels owner Arte Monero in disappointment traded Hamilton to Rangers. After a stint at rehab and with Rangers minor league affiliates, he rejoined the MLS side and have been doing well since. The LA Angels still pay the majority of his salary- exactly $24 million while the Rangers foot the remaining $2 million.

7. Robinson Cano

Team: Seattle Mariners

Position: Second Baseman

Earnings: $27 million

Robinson Cano

In 2013, Cano rejected a 7-year $175 contract extension with the Yankees in search of a longer deal, he later opted for a 10 year pact with the Mariners worth $240 million said to expire in 2023. One of MLB’s most marketable players, he makes $3 million endorsing brands like Sparkling Ice, New Balance, Alaska Airlines, Franklin, HTC, Wilson and others.

6. Albert Pujols

Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Position: First Baseman

Earnings: $27 million

Albert Pujols

After his decade long career with the Cardinals, Pujol inked another decade long contract with the LA Angels valued at $240 million. Last season, Pujol hit 40 home runs making it the 7th time he’s hit 40 home runs in a season. He is considered by many as a strong future candidate for the Hall of Fame. He makes $2 million of his $27 million from endorsement deals.


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