Heads-up Ladies: See The Most Expensive Manicure Ever.


There is this tiny bit of a thing in our beloved ladies that makes them most times want to turn heads at the sight of them, while some do it moderately, others take it to the next level. The ladies do this not just with their alluring dresses but with accessories they adorn themselves with, from jewelries, to shoes, handbags hair-do and even their nails, not to mention cosmetics and facial make-ups. Most don’t even mind spending a fortune on it, especially our beloved female celebrities, you know, the likes of Rihanna and Kim K, they would always want to trigger a fashion trend that’ll land their names on the fashion news headlines.

So there is this Image Luxury Nail Lounge Salon in New Port Beach, California that has recently released a new price listing for their services/treatments which its motive according to owner Tony Nguyen isn’t just an effort to exploit customers but that manis of such value were actually requested for by customers, hmmm! Cali must have a lot of big girls. Their price list ranges from $500 per set to a stunning $25, 000 per set, Mehn! That’s higher than above half of American residents cars.

Hitherto the salon and spa which began servicing New Port chicks last year had a price list ranging from $500 to $600 for a full set treatment which included diamond encrusted polishes. However, there is still hope for the less flashy because apart from the $25k service comes two other sets on the pricing table. So for those who consider the $25k treatment too extravagant, they have a range of options to choose. The first ranges from $500 to $2,500 where you get to have the Haute Couture Manicure which includes exquisite facials, massage, mineral bath and polish with a nail design made from 20 diamonds. For those who wanna step higher there is the Gold Rush Manicure which can be yours between $2,500 and $10,000, the bouquet which makes use of bespoke polishes, made from collaboration between the saloon and the polish makers, goes for more than $100, 000 per bottle. The package features includes; champagne, French pastries and a 24-karat crested nail artwork, plus you will be serviced in a private suite.

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And then finally is the queen of them all – the $25,000 Glitz & Glamicure which actually starts from $10,000. Wondering why so high? In this package, the whole salon will close for your sake, you get to have the whole salon to yourself, plus the polish is decorated with real gold and diamonds, you also get to enjoy everything in the former two packages, an hour-long massage, celebrity makeover, and for your artwork, you’d be assisted by a jeweler who’ll help you select the finest blings.

Most Expensive Manicure 2

So if you’re among those that think this is absolutely fantastic and exciting, pick up a credit card, and move over to New port and have your nails shinning bright like a diamond. More grease to your bank account….

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