Etihad’s Residence Breaks Its Own Record Of The World’s Most Expensive Flight Ticket

Etihad's Residence

It was barely two years ago when Etihad launched their uber first class cabin dubbed The Residence which brought a paradigm shift to the way we perceived commercial airline travel. At the time, the world’s most expensive flight ticket was $32,000 for a one way trip in The Residence suite from Abu Dhabi to New York, and now the premium commercial airline transporters are back breaking their own record with the new world’s most expensive flight ticket costing a whopping $38,000 for a one way trip in The Residence from Mumbai to New York and $76,000 for a round trip with a stop over at Abu Dhabi.

For those who have probably never heard of The Residence, the one question running through their minds would be “why so expensive, or is it really worth it”? Well, from the words of Gino Bertuccio, the first man to fly in The Residence, saying the experience is worth the while would be an understatement. Firstly, The Residence was made for the filthy rich individuals who love to travel in privacy and most importantly in style, and for this reason The Residence isn’t the average first class cabin you’re used to. It is actually the first of its kind and is only available on Etihad’s Airbus A380 flights.

world's most expensive flight ticket


Referring to the Residence as a cabin could seem insulting to its makers, but I won’t blame them if they do feel insulted, The Residence is literally a suite, a 127 square meter three room suite with a living room, bedroom and en-suite bathroom with a shower. As earlier said its launch brought a paradigm shift to the way we perceived commercial airline travel, the perks that comes with the Residence could even dwarf the services of some private jets- they include Savoy Academy-trained stand-by personal butlers at your beck and call, personal travel concierge, a chef to whip up whatever your cravings are, two screens for entertainment, one  a 32 inch in the living room and the other a 27 inch in the bedroom, ultra comfy Italian sofas, a double bed with Italy’s Pratesi bedding, a chauffeured transportation on landing, private check-in and many more. A Residence passenger is also allowed to board with an extra person with no extra cost. For a comprehensive description of what the Residence passengers stand to enjoy click here to read our first publication after its launch.

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