Bill Cosby Net Worth: How Much Is Bill Cosby Worth?

Bill Cosby Net Worth

The American stand up comedian was born in July 12, 1937. He is also an activist, author and actor. His start in comedy began in San Francisco before he landed a starring role in a television show “I Spy” in the 1960s. Bill Cosby’s net worth is $350 million making him one of the world’s richest comedians.

Bill Cosby Net Worth: The Foundation

Cosby was the class clown in high school. Interestingly, while still finding a direction for his life, Bill Cosby played baseball and took part in quite a number of other field events. This was when he went to school at the Mary Channing Wister Public School. However, when he transferred to the Fitz Simmons Junior High, he commenced acting in plays.

He went to Central High School before transferring to Germantown High School where he failed his 10th grade examinations. This forced him out of school and he went on to work in a shoe repairs shop. This was just but a stepping stone into the future as Bill had many dreams which he was willing to pursue.

Because he wanted more, he decided to join the United States navy where he worked in physical therapy. Cosby understood the need for education, so after his stint with the navy, he made his way to the Philadelphia’s Temple University on a field and track scholarship. While there, he honed his comedy skills and decided to take comedy to a new level.

Bill Cosby Net Worth

Bill Cosby Net Worth: Hollywood Fame And Success

Afterwards, he began doing stand-up comedy at bars before ending up at the stage and in television. Cosby developed his eponymous show- The Cosby show which aired for two seasons on NBC. He also came up with “Fat Einstein and the Cosby Kids” an animated educational series for kids. The show which ran for 13 years (1972-1985) was based on the recollections of his childhood gang, he voiced Fat Albert.

He took up stand up comedy jobs in Philadelphia and later in the city of New York. He also had performances in well-known cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington DC and Chicago.

Bill Cosby was credited by many young actors as an innovator and investor. He loved making money and helping the young achieve their goals. He did choose his investments well and that’s why his net worth is quite impressive. $350 million is a huge amount considering the fact that only a few artist have been able to amass such wealth.

Bill Cosby Net Worth

He bolstered the money he earned from numerous TV gigs with lucrative endorsement deals with giant companies including Coca Cola, Kodak and Ford among others. His net worth can also be attributed to the fact that he owns huge and luxurious mansions in Shelburne, Massachusetts Cheltenham, Pennsylvania and Pacific Palisades, California.

Bill Cosby Net Worth: How He Spends It

The actor is one of the most fortunate persons on earth as he enjoys a ride in a Shelby AC Cobra equipped V10-6.4 liter engine machine which features, anti-lock brakes and every other feature a luxury car should have.

Bill Cosby continues to aid foundations and charitable organizations which help the needy. Among the associations which he is associated with is the Airlift Foundation which he founded in 2008 to help on matters pertaining to orthopedic research. Others are the Children’s Network Miracle Hospitals, Keep a Child Alive and the Jackie Robinson Foundation.


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