20 Most Valuable Football Teams In The World 2016

Real Madrid

The 2015/2016 season of the world’s football club leagues is almost at the finish line with some leagues having a winner even before the last match day. And it is that time when Forbes reveal the top gainers of the previous season- 2014/2015 in terms of valuation. The list sees Real Madrid at the top yet again for the fourth consecutive year. Generally, the average value of football clubs have increased by 24% compared to last year, thanks hugely to the substantial and ever increasing payouts from television deals with the EPL favoring more after penning a 3-year, $7.9 billion pact with Sky Sports and BTSports. Kit deals, sponsorship as well as the 50% raise in UEFA Champions league payout are all contributors to the skyrocketing values of football’s top sport teams. Richer team valuations also means richer club owners and fatter paychecks for the players.

Here is a look at the Top 20 Most Valuable Football Teams in the World 2016 beginning with the least valuable.

20. Newcastle United – English Premier League

Value: $383 million

Revenue: $204 million

Operating Income: $68 million


The quest to find a worthy replacement for Alan Pardew has proved unsuccessful as the magpies would be relegated to the Championship at the end of the season after gaining just 34 points from 37 games. Rafa Benitez replaced Steve McClaren on 11 March 2016 after the later was sacked just after 9 months of service. Apparently, Rafa arrived rather too late as the damage had already been done. Newcatsle’s deal with their official club sponsor finance company Wonga is set to expire in 2017. The club made $206 million from TV broadcasting deals and $72 million from match days

19. Napoli – Serie A

Value: $396 million

Revenue: $151 million

Operating Income: $37 million


Napoli’s operating income plunged by $47 million and they are down two steps from last year’s valuation when they came 17th place, however, the figures are more as last year’s valuation was $353 million. The little donkeys made $219 million from broadcasting and $86 million from commercials. Napoli will be finishing second in the Serie A above Roma and Inter which cements them a group in the next seasons Champions league.

18. AS Roma – Serie A

Value: $508 million

Revenue: $217 million

Operating Loss: $19 million

AS Roma


Roma has a chance to fight for a place in the champions league group stage next season as they finish third place behind Napoli. The Wolves are currently sharing the Stadio Olympico, the second largest stadium in Italy with rivals Lazio but that is soon to change come 2018 when their privately financed over 50,000 capacity stadium is scheduled to be completed.

17. West Ham United – Premier League

Value: $542 million

Revenue: $194 million

Operating Income: $43 million

West Ham United

West Ham stands to finish at the highest position on the premier league table since their return from the championships in the 2012/2013 season. After a controversial deliberation, the Hammers were officially granted the Olympic stadium, London as their home and will move in later in 2016 when reconstruction of the 60,000 capacity stadium is complete. After West Ham parted ways with Alpari as their official sponsor following the Swiss company’s liquidation, they signed a 3.5-year, $31.5 million deal with Betway.

16. Inter Milan – Serie A

Value: $559 million

Revenue: $198 million

Operating Income: $6 million

Inter Milan

Inter will finish 4th place this season a huge improvement from the 8th position they finished last season. Inter’s minority owner Internazionale looks to expand its business to the Asia-Pacific region (which already includes Inter Academy) by hiring American multinational investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. The team made $297 million from broadcasting and $123 million from commercials.

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