20 Highest Paid Actors In The World

Leonardo DiCaprio

All our TV stars apparently don’t have money on their worry list, they are well-paid for what they do. However, not all thespians in the world are of the same financial status, some earn way above the others. After thorough findings, Forbes recently revealed the figures actors receive on payday, excluding taxes and other charges. If you’ve been wondering which TV stars are smiling more to the bank, then here are the richest among the rich. Go through the top twenty highest-paid actors for 2015 to see if your favourites are getting what they deserve.

20. Matt Damon

Earnings: $25 million

Matt Damon

Damon continues to maintain his position as one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors, acting the lead role in the imminent sci-fi movie “The Martian”. Also, alongside fellow millionaire Anday Laun, he will be starring in the upcoming American-Chinese sci-fi movie- “The Great Wall”.


19. Will Smith

Earnings: $26 million

Will Smith

Smith has done so well for himself in the movie industry that his recent moderate performance in the Box Office has no impact on his value. He receives a befitting paycheck of $26 million.


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