15 Most Expensive Buildings In The World Right Now

Marina Bay Sands

Some of the big cities of the world boasts tall and magnificent buildings, with architectural designs that can make just anyone stare in awe. The construction cost such buildings usually amount to billions of dollars. While all these buildings are skyscrapers, the entire costs of construction isn’t directly proportional to its height, instead the cost is escalated by the ultra modern amenities made available, and the exterior/interior uber luxurious designs which serve as key attractions. Year in year out, magnificent buildings are erected somewhere in the world, but there are some that are so incredible that they are considered landmarks, some of them even contribute to its country’s GDP as they keep attracting tourists. The most expensive buildings in the world include; One World Trade Centre ($3.9 B), The Cosmopolitan ($4.16B), Emirate Palace ($4.5 B), and the Marina Bay Sands ($8 B). Here’s a more detailed look at the top expensive buildings in the world.

15. The Palazzo

Construction Cost: $2.05 billion

Location: Las Vegas, USA

The Palazzo

This Italian themed luxury hotel and casino is located on the famous Las Vegas strip, which is also home to two world’s most expensive buildings- Bellagio and Wynn. The all-suite hotel was apparently not built for the middle class. With its suite rooms measuring 720 sq ft, Palazzo offers the largest accommodation on the strip and currently holds the Guinness record for the largest hotel in the world. Its high-end customers can purchase a ride from its Lamborghini dealership and luxury brand goodies from Michael Kors to Ralph Lauren at its “The Shoppes” Mall. Owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp, Palazzo was designed by HKN Inc.

14. Bank of China Tower

Construction Cost: $2.09 billion

Location: Hong Kong

Bank of China 1

The tower’s unique cross x shape framework differentiates it from its neighbours. The 315 m high building is the headquarters of the Bank of China which is Hong Kong’s second largest bank in terms of assets and customer deposits. The 72-floor tower completed in 1990 was designed by I. M. Pei & Partners. It has featured in Hollywood movies including Battleship and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

13. Princess Tower

Construction Cost: $2.17 billion

Location: Dubai, UAE

Princess Tower


Amazingly, this 101 story, 413.4 m tower is not a hotel but a residential “only” building which took six years to construct (2006-2012). It is currently the second-tallest building in Dubai after Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world (828m). Some of its features include 8 retail outlets, 763 units, and a 6-floor underground parking lot with the capacity to carry almost 1000 cars. Its design was done by Adnan Saffarini Office and developed by Tameer Holding Investment LLC.

12. Bellagio

Construction Cost: $2.29 billion

Location: Las Vegas, USA


Bellagio luxury hotel and Casino has two towers with 36 and 33 floors measuring 151 m and 119 m respectively. The tallest is the main tower which houses over 3000 hotel rooms/suites while the shorter tower- the spa tower has over 900 rooms. Its exclusive The Bellagio fountain and dancing water is what differentiates it from other luxury casinos on the Vegas strip. Bellagio is one of the many properties of MGM Resorts Intl.

11. Antillia

Construction Cost: $2.53 billion

Location: Mumbai, India

mumbai 2

Belonging to India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, Antillia is the only privately owned residential property on this list. After the Buckingham palace, Antillia is the second world’s most expensive residential buildingand the most expensive privately-owned residential building in the world.Though it may be just a residential building, the 27-story skyscraper employs 600 in-house staff to look after its over the top amenities. In addition to the breathtaking purview it offers to the billionaire and his family, Antillia features 3 helipads, 9 elevators, 6 parking lots,with 168 car capacity, pools, spa, gym, snow room, cinema, and all else that should be in a billionaires mansion.

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