13 Richest US Presidential Candidates Till Date

Donald Trump

While it is true, that money isn’t everything, we cannot deny its importance in a sensitive race like contesting for the United States’ presidency. Having a few extra zeros to your net worth is undeniably an advantage, think about the huge finance involved in running a campaign. A trip down history lane reveals that out of the 43 presidents America has had, just about 9 of them didn’t have a six-zero net worth.

However, this list which reveals the richest American presidential candidates of all time will also show you that money isn’t the key factor to winning the white house race, as some of them, though stinking rich never emerged winners. I guess time will tell if the others (i.e the 2016 contestants) will share the same fate as their historic counterparts.

Note that the net worth of these politicians do not necessarily relate to the time at which the contested, as some of them who were once multi-millionaires have seen their value drop over the years and vice versa. And If we were to go by that format, then Ross Perot, who was once worth  an estimated $4.3 billion would be sitting at the top of this list.

13. James M. Fox

Net worth: $40 million

Party: Democratic


James Fox became the 46th in 47th Governor of Ohio between 1913-1921. Before winning the gubernatorial elections he represented Ohio in the US House of representatives. In 1920 while still serving as Ohio’s Governor, he was appointed by the democratic party to run for president. He lost the elections to US Senator Warren Harding who became the 28th president of America in 1921.


12. Rudy Giuliani

Net worth: $45 million

Party: Republican

Rudy Giuliani

The politician, businessman, lawyer and public speaker has been part of three political parties, the democratic party, Independent, before defecting to the Grand Old party in the 1980s. He became the 107th Mayor of New York City between 1994-2001. In the penultimate year as mayor, Rudy ran for the US senate, but he quit as things became sour when he was diagnosed of prostate cancer. Notwithstanding, in 2002 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II due to his stout display of leadership in the aftermath of the devastating 9/11 attacks. In 2008, he was perceived as the GOP’s front-runner for the presidential nominations but again withdrew to back Sen. John McCain who emerged as the party’s nominee. Rudy dismissed other political roles and offers to focus on his business field.

11. Ted Kennedy

Net worth: $49 million

Party: Democratic

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy was the US senior senator from Massachusetts. Upon his death in 2009, he became the forth-longest serving senator in US history, serving for a total of 47 years from 1962-2009. In 1980, his run for the US president failed probably due the insurgent campaign he carried out against his fellow democrat and then incumbent president Jimmy Carter or most likely because of the decade-plus-old Chappaquiddick incident of which he was guilty for. Despite his efforts to tarnish Carter’s image, Ted was defeated by him in the party primaries.

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